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CST Meeting Notes (North America)

Date: Thursday 30 June, 2015 @ 16:00 UTC


David - Community Outreach discussion

Bill gave an overview of the blog post he put out last week on actions being taken in the community survey - the link to the blog is here

Need to decide how often we are going to do community surveys - Bill suggests no more often than every 6 months

David said we did the first post about community - the spotlight series - first one is Kreonet - the blog post can be found here

David request for ideas on who in the community to do in future community spotlights

Community metrics - need to find someone with passion to get this moving - encourage people to help us find someone they know

Ambassador program update from William

Have the logo now

Have had 3 advisors join the program - another category of ambassadors to be advisors to the ambassadors - people with long/deep experience in SDN - Jerry ??  from Nordunet, Mario Campanella from GARR, ?? professor at South Wales Australia

Just completed a tour of European service providers - in every meeting the ambassador program came up - a lot of interest in this concept

Ambassador program still in a “beta” phase - getting feedback still - will officially launch later in July - still creating some documentation and content for launch

Karan (intern at ON.Lab) almost ready to show a staging server to help with ambassador program - coming soon

Governance - Bill summarized the governance changes that can be found in his blog post - the blog post can be found here

David - update on Mission and Values discussion - need to refocus on ONOS web site - how do we redesign the mission page

Update on CORD summit - scheduled for July 29th - people should visit the registration link - also share the registration link with people you know who may be interested - see event registration here

William - update on ONOS developer summit - has a proposal - next step is to create a few scenarios - scope/size/budget - will be shared at the next community marketing call

David - recently had a board meeting - desired for transparency - David shared an update on the board meeting - the blog post can be found here - David provided a summary of what can be found in the slides he shared and the post he wrote

David - questions about the community steering team - who can be on it, requirements, etc...David updated the community steering wiki page to have a roles and responsibilities section - please review the page and send comments / questions to David

David - shared an article about leadership in changing a business sector - article argues how to best do this - was talking about medical sector - gave a summary of the article and its key points - we are not as broad in contributions as we could be

William - first community meetup last week in Paris - a person at that meetup encouraged having a meetup in less technical terms - helps make it more accessible to general public

Marc - a topic being discussed at the ONF as well - discussion about how to address the more conservative majority - have to communicate differently - simpler messages - related it to standards organizations work - become a lot more focused and practical by the people who want to deploy - should we do events around carrier community - what can appeal to audiences in those communities - making more end to end demos for example

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