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CST Meeting Notes (North America)

Date: Thursday 14 July, 2016 @ 16:00 UTC

Happy Bastille Day!

New person on call - Charles Hughes

Community outreach / survey - addressing feedback

Update - project lifecycle was kicked off in TST and a new project page has been created - first project will be having a creation review in a couple of weeks

Contribution metrics - need to find a person to help with this area - need to find a person to help with this

Discussion of whether there is need for help on release steering team - Eva has ideas of what can be done - we can also send out a request for help with this

Action - Bill and David - create descriptions of what help is needed in metrics and release steering

Marketing - is being handled as a community “subgroup” - has its own call and agenda

Ambassador program - we are in the beta phase until end of the month

Community infrastructure - Karan coop student - has a staging server up working on an ambassador portal

Community Labs - Eva will take a stab at what the high level goals are for building a community lab - need to bring people together on how to share testing methods/cases/….

Action Eva - work with Bill and put some structure around it

Miguel discussed their relationship with Spirent to do SDN/NFV testing - also a relationship with Ubuntu on the OpenStack side. Also later on will host a meet up and potentially talk about Testing.

David - Being clear on mission and values - will address them in August after CORD summit

ONOS and CORD summits - had a deeper dive in marketing meeting

Discussion of partnership around ONOS and CORD, how it works

Article on ambassador programs on campus - David sent link - recruiting ambassadors through internship programs - giving people back something concrete who take part in the community (lots of skills available in volunteer efforts)

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