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CST Meeting Notes (North America)

Date: Thursday 11 August, 2016 @ 16:00 UTC

Attendance: David, Bill Snow, Miguel Villarreal, William Quiviger, Jonathan Hart, Charles Hughes, Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu, Purnendu

  • Will continue to do updates in each meeting

  • We got rid of governance as a standing item

  • Community outreach - no update

  • Metrics - need to collaborate on the description and work to find a community member - David to review and send to community for further review

  • Marketing - call was yesterday, call attention to the ONOS messaging doc - David asked for people to take a look at it and comment - put a link in the sidebar

  • Ambassador program - program officially launched 11 days ago, picking up steam, 40 applications so far, being reviewed/interviews are in progress, should be announcing 5 or 6 new ambassadors by the end of the week - ambassadors already creating new content and updating existing content - William will be on tour in Asia soon - SDN/NFV forum based in south Korea will be helping to support our community by providing some space and funding - really great support for the ambassador program from them - we are getting help from the community to do translations

  • Community infrastructure - Karan has put together a portal for community to share ambassador information - has a demo version ready - watch the ambassador mailing list for more information

  • Community labs - Eva is working on engaging test communities - BII group has joined as a collaborator recently

  • Mission and Values - will be a focus this quarter to update the ONOS site and mission and values will be one focus area

  • Other topics ----------------

  • CORD summit - good opportunity to meet with organizations involved - good opportunity to see where there is overlap of activities - breakout sessions went well - question on how often will we do events like this - this was a unique event since it was a community launch - there will be other events to help the community which is one of the next topics - need more collaborating, sharing, community development

  • ONOS November community event - David put a document link 

    • David/William planning the event - send them your comments

    • Jono - would be good to have people bring use cases - talk through design issues and topics hard to talk about in an online way

    • David concept of science fair where people can show what they are working on - people can walk around and see what people are up to

    • Opportunity to do a lot of introductions beforehand - help people understand what / who will be there - helps set up meetings/discussions ahead of time

    • Miguel - ONF has a good model - showcase how you are using the technology

  • Community article - CMX - link dropped into chat

CST Meeting Notes (Europe/Asia)

Date: Friday 12 August, 2016 @ 08:00 UTC

Attendees: William, Kalyan, Michele, Vijay, Craig, Alfonso
  • General update on previous CST call - approval and no feedback from attendees
  • Feedback on Developer Event in November
    • Kalyan: bug fixing could be interesting but skeptical that we can do much in only a couple of days + requires a lot of guidance from core engineering team/ event could be great opportunity to create updated training material and package it for future events following this event (eg. November training workshop in Sydney)
    • Alfonso: it will be important to create space for attendees to showcase their work
    • Michele: developers outside of the core engineering team do not have visbility on roadmap, on new features ONLab is planning - it's really important that we spend a lot of time getting people aligned and discuss/debate roadmap and features
    • Vijay: it's important that attendees get their hands dirty during the event and have a sense of accomplishment that a developer gets when writing a piece of code, submitting a patch etc... even getting something done symbolically will provide a sense of satisfaction
    • Michele: strong preference for event happening in Europe - it will be much cheaper for most attendees in terms of travel cost
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