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ECI  contributes  to ONOS project in variety of areas and plan do continue to do so in the future, as part of its open source strategy. ECI has enhanced ONOS optical application to support ODU Multiplexing and ODU Cross-Connect services, based on ONF Optical Transport Protocol Extensions (OCH and ODU Multiplexing are part of ONOS Emu release). The southbound interfaces are based on OpenFlow. This enhancement includes support in creation , deleting and restoration of data paths.

ECI has successfully demonstrated these features with ONOS over ECI Optical Equipment (Apollo and Neptune product families) , this will apply to any equipment that supports OpenFlow Optical extensions.

ECI plans to continue and contribute to ONOS and ONF communities in the following areas:

  • ·         Enhanced Optical Modeling: adding physical limitations and restrictions including real-time network status, to enable the configuration of optical networks (in conjunction with ECI's work at ONF)
  • ·         Enhanced programmability of the data path, with strong emphasis on OpenFlow enhancements
  • ·         Enhanced the Northbound interfaces: to enable the creation of a  wide range of SDN applications that can take full advantage of all of the capabilities of the data path and of the services provided by the controller.
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