Unless otherwise agreed by the TST with the approval of the Chief Architect, each Elected Member shall be elected to serve for a term of two (2) years, or until his or her earlier resignation or removal.  TST elections shall be staggered, if possible, so that roughly half of the Elected Member seats are up for election each year.

The TST shall hold annual elections in the first calendar quarter of each year.  In the event that any Elected Member seat becomes vacant prior to the distribution of nominations for the next annual election, more than one (1) month prior to the next planned election , the Chief Architect may call for elections for any such seat.

Elections of TST members shall be conducted as follows:

  • The TST shall solicit the voting members for nominations via the Onos-dev@onosproject.org mailing list;
  •  Interested voting members may nominate themselves or other voting members;
  •  The TST shall distribute to the TST mailing list a slate of nominees to the TST and Onos-dev mailing lists and conduct the election.  Results will be posted upon conclusion of the election to Project’s wiki.

The TST should use a multiple-candidate method of voting, such as Condorcet Helios or single transferable vote.  Multiple-candidate methods may be replaced by a simple election by a plurality of votes when there are only two candidates for one position to be filled.  No election is required if there is only one candidate running and no voting member voices an objection.  In the event of a tied outcome, the Chief Architect may determine the winner or a process to resolve the tie.

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