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Nominee’s bio:

Zhijun Tang, Master’s degree in Signal and Information Processing, Develop Engineer. Involved in SDN/NFV test, including conformance test and performance test. Developed the OpenFlow controller performance test tool, OFsuite_Performance. 

How long have been working in the ONOS community?

Since last August, I have been an active member of ONOS community. Working on ONOS performance test, providing the test tool and participating in the ONOS Performance Benchmark and Improvement project. 

What contributions have you made in the past to the ONOS community?

In last year my team have provided the controller performance test tool, OFsuite_Performance, and published ONOS Controller Performance Test Report. I also expand the influence of ONOS in China. 

What are you actively working on in ONOS?

I actively involved in ONOS performance test project, and helped ONOS find its bugs in topology discovery.  

Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?

I have extensive experience and knowledge in SDN test filed. And as a developer, I have the ability to analyze test requirements and design suitable test tools. 

Are there any changes you would like to bring to the community if elected into this position?

As ONOS project becomes huge, more and more test need to be conducted to ensure the robustness of ONOS. I hope I can have the chance to develop more tools to test OpenFlow, NETCONF/YANG, BGP-LS and any other protocol provided by ONOS. Besides, I hope to do more scenario tests to help accelerating the deployment of CORD.

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