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  • LISP Implementation (Jian Li, Yoonseon Han)
    • Add LispDeviceProvider which launches LISP controller
    • Add lisp providers and protocols into modules.defs
    • Support more LCAF addresses
      • Add LISP Traffic Engineering LCAF address with unit tests
      • Add LISP NAT LCAF address with unit tests
    • Add LISP MAC SHA1 and SHA256 authentication mechanisms
    • Initial implementation of Implement MapServer and EidRlocMap
    • Initial implementation of MapResolver
    •  Add MappingDatabase
      • Handle Map-Register, Info-Request control message
    • Implement MapResolver
      • Handle Map-Request inside Encapsulated Control Message (ECM)
    • Add LISP channel pipeline along with server bootstrap
    • Support CIDR ranged match for LISP EidRlocRecord
    • Add more control message type with serialization capability
      • Encapsulated Control Message (ECM)
      • Info-Request, Info-Reply
    • Make LISP authKey and authKeyId be configurable
    • Improve message processing throughput using Epoll NIO

Waltz Networks

  • FlowRuleStore: add purgeFlowEntries (Victor Silva)
  • MastershipLoadBalancer: listen to RegionEvents
  • GroupStore: add purgeGroupEntries