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We can tell from this output that the Check-Passwordless-Login-1 step failed. Looking back in the output stream, if we look at the started message for that step, we can see that at the time of the failure, STC was running the command `ssh -n -o ConnectTimeout=3 -o PasswordAuthentication=no sdn@ date'. There are two ways we can diagnose this problem. Any time there is an error, you can always rerun the failed step by simply rerunning the command from the command line:


If you want to learn more about STC, you can refer to the STC Advanced Topics page to find out more about STC internals, or the Developing Your Own STC Test to find out how to write a test scenario. You can also consult the STC Reference Guide for detailed descriptions of each STC entity.

titleSTC scripts - basic usage

Not interested in smoke testing? Looking for basic STC scripts to deploy ONOS target machines and your Mininet topology ? You can find info at this page.