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<img src="", alt="SRLinkFailure", style="width:525px;height:350px;border:0">

commit aec1b136f6f908b67a19c5e58cd8cbbeaf37769e 5908b5642a41e5755adcf7ec10f3d4f2c0ea2657 (HEAD -] onos-2.2, origin/onos-2.2)
Author: Jian Li Andrea Campanella [pyguni@gmailandrea@opennetworking.comorg]
AuthorDate: Thu Apr 30 12:00:13 2020 +0900Wed May 6 16:09:10 2020 +0200
Commit: Jian Li Andrea Campanella [pyguni@gmailandrea@opennetworking.comorg]
CommitDate: Thu Apr 30 12Fri May 15 17:00:13 00 2020 +0900
Fix: correctly broadcast ARP MAC and IP reply for fake gateway0000

[VOL-3016] OLTPipeline removes empty next group if the last group was removed because of empty buckets

Case 1: Bridging and Routing Link Failure test with 2x2 Leaf-spine and 1 Onos - FAIL