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A Layout is a "UI construct" that has an associated region "backing" it. Layouts can define a specific layout as a parent, to construct a hierarchy.

(Several "levels" of layouts can be defined, even though not illustrated here).

This could be pictured as follows:


Layouts can be added to the model with the layout-add command.

layout-add <layout-id> <bg-ref> <region-id> <parent-layout-id> <scale> <offset-x> <offset-y>


  • <layout-id> is a unique identifier for the layout
  • <bg-ref> is a reference to the background to display for this layout
  • <region-id> is the identifier of the backing region
  • <parent-layout-id> is the identifier of the parent layout
  • <scale>, <offset-x>, <offset-y> are custom values to define the initial pan/zoom of the background

Some examples:

Code Block
layout-add root @europe . . 4.66 -2562.93 -412.56
layout-add lUK @europe rUK root 11.63 -6652.54 -938.04
layout-add lIT @europe rIT root 7.15 -4818.73 -1330.36
layout-add lFR @europe rFR root 8.98 -5378.99 -1334.77

layout-add lMilan +segmentRouting rMilan lIT 0.86 68.58 54.71