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As one of its tasks, the project provides maintains up-to-date tutorials for both users and contributors. In general, those interested in contribution should at least complete the Basic ONOS Tutorial, as it introduces many of ONOS's features. 

In addition to the tutorials, the ONOS documentation set provides guides describing various aspects of using and developing on ONOS, as well as its architecture and API documentation (Javadocs). For developers, the recommended way to use the documentation set provides usercontributor, and architecture guides that delve into further detail for each respective aspect of ONOS.set is:

  1. Learn how to install, run, and use ONOS, as per the User's Guide
  2. Learn how to set up the development/test environment and the usage of JIRA and Gerrit, as per the Developer's Guide
  3. Reference relevant parts of the Architecture Guide, Javadocs, and Developer's Guide Appendices

Project Model

Contributors begin as submitters, and may progress to committer status. In a similar vein, contributors may work on the existing ONOS codebase and use cases, or, with approval of the technical steering group, introduce their own work as a sanctioned project. ONOS Governance describes the project model that the ONOS Project follows in further detail.

Current Projects

The ONOS Project is a composite of the ONOS SDN platform itself and the various projects using it (applications and use cases). Information about the ongoing projects may be found on [Projects]. Many of these projects will have an Epic associated with them so that the tasks associated with them may easily be found, as described in the next section. 

Finding Tasks to Work On

The ONOS project keeps track of various tasks with JIRA. In specific, we maintain a category for tasks, labeled as "Starter", which have lower barriers of entry. These Starter tasks are intended for newcomers to the project that wish to work on existing material.