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You can see test files in the /TestON/tests/ folder. Each of the tests has a unique set of files defined below:

Params .params - This file contains user defined variables for the test case. Also specify the order of which test cases to run.

Topo .topo - This file defines all the components and options that Test-ON will use to execute its test. The machine's user name, password, IP addresses, drivers, and/or Mininet's topology would be specified in this file. ( Please use the exact syntax/format in the topo file. The space character in the xml tags is important even though you are not defining anything in the tag Eg. <COMPONENTS> </COMPONENTS>)

.py - This is where all of the test cases are written. It calls upon functions implemented in the respective drivers to create a progression of events that produces some sort of pass/fail outcome.


This test uses pingall function to ping all the host in the network. The test is successful if all the hosts are reachable.

  •  CASE1CASE1: Starts up ONOS, from pulling the latest code to running ONOS
  •  CASE2:


  • , also starts the a Mininet instance. Reports success if ONOS did not start up correctly.
  • CASE2: Assign mastership to controller. Reports success if all the switches are assigned to a controller.
  • CASE3: Installs onos-app-fwd (reactive forwarding app) and does pingall. Reports success if all hosts are reachable.

Params File

Below is the PingallExample.params:

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