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Comment: Published from Jenkins build:


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commit 8b5c66daafe039491a4701e0882e45725651a7ee aa65583a9aa9aa28bbede5fc230573228c41e658 (HEAD -] onos-1.15, origin/onos-1.15)
Author: Gamze Abaka Jian Li []
AuthorDate: Fri Wed Apr 19 0824 13:3051:16 28 2019 +00000900
Commit: Saurav Das Jian Li [sauravdas@alumnipyguni@gmail.stanford.educom]
CommitDate: Mon Wed Apr 22 1624 13:3351:05 28 2019 -0700
Fixing the meter timeout issue and support transparent flows.+0900

Fix: specify the source MAC as fake GW MAC for self ARP reply case

Case 5: Bridging test between two untagged hosts on vlan-untagged port, with single ToR and 3 ONOS instances - PASS