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The output of the command is getting a timeout error, in this case because there is no cell set up on the given IP address. Another way to diagnose a failure is to look at the log files generated by execution of the command. STC keeps the log of each step as it executes, and you can retrieve the log using the stl command. stl takes the scenario name and the step name as arguments. Both arguments can be filled in using tab completion. In the case of previous error, since the test being run was smoke and the step was Check-Passwordless-Login-1, the command to fetch the log file is 'stl smoke Check-Passwordless-Login-1.log'. It shows us the output of the failing command:

Advanced Topics

If you want to learn more about STC, you can refer to the STC Advanced Topics page to find out more about STC internals, or the Developing Your Own STC Test to find out how to write a test scenario.

titleSTC scripts - basic usage

Not interested in smoke testing? Looking for basic STC scripts to deploy ONOS target machines and your Mininet topology ? You can find info at this page.