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As in the case with any on-going project, these docs may fall out of sync with the project, but we’ll try our best to keep them accurate. If you are interested in helping us keep these documents up-to-date, please take a look at Contributing to the ONOS Guides

  1. The goals of ONOS : An Overview
  2. System Components
    1. APIs
    2. Core
    • Modules
      • Events, Descriptors
      • Stores
      • Modular Southbound : Provider, Provider Service, Provider Registry
        • The OpenFlow subsystem
  3. Network representation
    • devices, links, topology,hosts, flows (flows covered thoroughly with Intent Framework?)
      • Associated Services/Providers for each
    • Details: role of the OpenFlow subsystem
      • OF Controller and friends for device/topology/role discovery
  4. Distribution
    • Clustering, timers, mastership
    • Distributed stores and Delegates
  5. The Intent Framework
    • Flows (details), Treatments, Criteria, Selectors
    • Compiler, resource manager
  6. User interfaces
  7. Use cases
    • implementation (subsection per use case, likely linked from User guide Use Cases section)