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To make it easy for you to get started, we prepared a repository with all you need to build and run a Mininet network of BMv2 devices that connect to ONOS. It includes:

  • Scripts to build onos-bmv2 (ONOS fork of BMv2) and p4c-bmv2 (P4 compiler for BMv2)
  • Example P4 programs to get started
  • Various utility commands to quickly debug a running BMv2 network

Follow the instructions at this link to get started:


titleExporting environment variables in the shell profile

To get the most from the tools and instructions discussed in the following sections,  it is highly recommended that you add this line to your shell configuration profile (.bash_aliases.profile, etc.):

Code Block
source /<path>/<to>/onos-p4-dev/tools/bash_profile