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This walkthrough demonstrates the necessary steps to run a network of BMv2 devices in Mininet, connected to ONOS.

  1. First you need to build Build and run ONOS. The developer guide and this This how-to screencast is a good starting point to build and run ONOS locally on your development machine, for any other information please refer to the ONOS Developer Guide.

    titleBuild using Maven

    Important! We are transitioning our build system from Maven to BUCK. Most of ONOS 1.6 modules can be build using BUCK expect for the bmv2 modules which are built using by Maven. Be Hence, be sure to build ONOS using the command:

    Code Block
    $ mvn clean install
  2. Activate the BMv2 drivers. In the ONOS command line type:

    Code Block
    onos> app activate org.onosproject.drivers.bmv2
  3. Check that the necessary components have been loaded successfully. On the ONOS command line type:

    Code Block
    onos> app -s -a

    Check that both the BMv2 providers and drivers are loaded. The output of the command should be similar to this:

    Code Block Mininet script

  • Sample commands to run a network of bmv2 devices connected to ONOS
  • Usage with