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Seamless MPLS


Seamless MPLS [I-D.ietf-mpls-seamless-mpls] describes is an architecture which can be used to extend MPLS networks to integrate access and core/aggregation networks into a single MPLS domain. Now the mobile backhaul service has been deployed widely, the requirement of the integration of mobile backhaul networks and core networks has been proposed. At the same time, SDN is being developed to facilitate network operation and management. In the seamless MPLS for mobile backhaul, since there are multiple domains including the core network and multiple mobile backhaul networks, when SDN is introduced, for each domain there maybe one controller. In order to implement the end-to-end network service provision, there should be orchestration among multiple controllers. Thus the inter-SDN requirements are proposed in the Seamless MPLS architecture for mobile backhaul networks.