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commit 0d8aef5cab8ea3164ebd13bae927eb2457bb7aea c42f3cb63a8f17d2aae151142c9d2e9de6fdf916 (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Author: Daniele Moro Jian Li [daniele@opennetworkingpyguni@gmail.orgcom]
AuthorDate: Tue Wed Jul 20 15:21 18:32:31 2021 +02000900
Commit: Daniele Moro Jian Li [daniele@opennetworkingpyguni@gmail.orgcom]
CommitDate: Tue Wed Jul 20 1521 10:5938:03 08 2021 +0000
[SDFAB-287] Let send packet out throw UpfProgrammableException
Fix: add ProjectedVolumneSource to kryo registry
(cherry picked from commit 6a7cb471d32a6c237addf5ef0680c62c2614dcd4880d4141fcc1102b7c9f20b5e56ecf181e4099d0)

Case 1: Pull onos branch and build onos on Teststation. - PASS