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commit af64673f42d743ede5e8d110d4ea40af3bd1aaac ec6baf4b195562b472ab47c1fc826afe5b981c6c (HEAD -] master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Jian Li Seyeon Jeong [pyguni@gmailseyeon@opennetworking.comorg]
AuthorDate: Thu Apr 2 11:15:38 2020 +0900Tue Mar 3 17:33:40 2020 -0800
Commit: Jian Li Seyeon Jeong [pyguni@gmailseyeon@opennetworking.comorg]
CommitDate: Thu Apr 2 1123:2848:31 03 2020 +0900
Fix: refer to correct useSecurityGroup value on the resource event-0700

Fix an action of t3-troubleshot-mcast command when no sink for a multicast route
(cherry picked from commit fbd65dbd60d20878a3576de1fbd68d4bdee6f26c)

Case 0: Constructing test variables and building ONOS package - PASS