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Comment: Deprecated in favor of ngsdn tutorial

The content of this page is outdated. Please check the NG-SDN Tutorial for a reference ONOS+P4 development environment:

P4 is a programming language to define the behavior of the data plane, it can be used to program targets such as software switches, reconfigurable ASICs or FPGAs, or it can be used to formally specify the behavior of a fixed-function switch. P4Runtime is a protocol to control at runtime a P4-defined pipeline, for example, to install entries in a match+action table defined in the P4 program. This page provides steps to set up an environment to try ONOS with the Behavioral Model v2 (BMv2) (the reference P4 software switch). Support for P4Runtime has been included in ONOS starting from the 1.11 (Loon) release.