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  • A good place to start is getting the source code.  The ONOS Source Code documentation has more information about how to do that.
  • After that, check out the tutorials and screencasts we have that will help you get set up.
  • Next, pick a starter bug to work on (you'll need to register for an account on JIRA if you don't already have one). 
    • Starter bugs are relatively easy issues that will help you get familiar with the ONOS code and the community's processes for submitting code (more about community processes is below). 
    • To pick a starter bug, scroll through the list of items and find something that looks interesting.  Then assign it to yourself by selecting "Assign to me" under People. Your name should appear under the Assignee field, and you should see a message "ONOS-[number] has been assigned".
    • To verify that you now own the issue, go to the ONOS Scrum Board. You will be taken to the Active Sprints (swim lane) of the Scrum board, which shows the progress of all current tasks based on who is working on them. Your name should appear as one of the entries (they are alphabetical, so you may need to scroll a bit), with your new issue under the To Do column (the blue entry in the figure below). Selecting the issue will display its details in a sidebar to the right.
    • Once you are ready to work on the task, drag the issue from the To Do column to the In Progress column. Similarly, once you are finished, drag the issue from In Progress to Resolve Issue under Done. When your changes are accepted by the project, it can be moved to Close Issue under Done.
  • If you have any questions about what to do next after assigning yourself a starter bug, read more about our coding processes below, look in the issue for information about who the Reporter was and you can reach out to them for questions, or you can post on the onos-dev mailing list or chat with us on Slack.
  • After completing your first starter bug, you may want to pick a bounty bug for a more interesting challenge or you may have a project idea of your own you're interested in contributing.