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  • Internal comments ( // or /* ... */ ) are encouraged to provide additional context to the reader, where the nuances may not be discerned from the code alone.
  • Avoid adding comments that provide no additional information, for example:
    • // sets the parent value on the node
    • node.setParent(parent);
  • Avoid adding comments at the end of a statement; place them above the line concerned.

Code Block
 * Representation of something with "foo" behavior.
 * <p>
 * This is Javadoc commenting for classes and interfaces.
 * Javadoc descriptions are full sentences using English prose.
public interface Foo {
     * Returns true if the given parameter is within tolerance of the sample.
     * <p>
     * Additional detail about what the method does, and maybe constraints
     * or assumptions about input parameters should be provided in the 
     * method description here.
     * @param param functions that take arguments have this
     * @return methods that return a value should indicate this
    boolean sampleMethod(Integer param);