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The ONOS CLI is an extension of Karaf's CLI. As a result, it is capable of leveraging features such as programmatic extensibility, the ability to load and unload bundles (among others), and SSH access.

Accessing the CLI

When on target machines, the ONOS CLI can be accessed typing


Code Block
$ /opt/onos/bin/onos

the command  karaf clean. For remote installations, e.g. ONOS instances deployed with onos-package and onos-install, the onos command can be used to attach to running instance from the shell of the target machine.

Finally, as describe in Installing and running ONOSTo access the CLI directly from a target machine, refer to these instructions.

If you're deploying ONOS from a management machine, the onos command can be used to attach to a remote ONOS instance directly from the local machine (i.e. without logging in first). For example, to access the CLI of an ONOS instance running on a target machine at

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$ onos


Both Ctrl-D and logout exits the CLI.


the CLI



ONOS Commands

ONOS supplies a set of its own onos lists the available commands: