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  • CASE0:   Pulls ONOS code and builds ONOS.  This is usually skipped in the production environment for flexibility to handle testing different versions of ONOS
  • CASE1:   Sets up global test variables and removes existing instances of ONOS in the test cell
  • CASE2:   Reports errors, warnings, and exceptions in ONOS
  • CASE10: Starts ONOS on the cell
  • CASE11: Starts Mininet and assign mastership of switches to ONOS controllers
  • CASE12: Tests some basic ONOS commands using the ONOS cli handle
  • CASE22: Tests some basic ONOS commands using the REST API handle
  • CASE32: Configures fwd app and run pingall

Params File:

Below is the SAMPstartTemplate_1node.params file:


The <testcases> tag defines the order in which the test cases in the .py file are executed. <PARAMS> and <testcases> are mandatory, case sensitive tags.

Topo File:

Below is the SAMPstartTemplate_1node.topo file:


NOTE: It is important to check the login info carefully for each component as incorrect information would result in a test failure.

Python File:

The .py file defines the test cases.  All of the TestON tests follow the PEP8 coding style.  Check out our built-in PEP8 code checker at /TestON/bin/codecheck


Code Block
languagepy snippet
main.step( "Start ONOS cluster with basic (drivers) app.")
stepResult = main.ONOSbench.startBasicONOS( nodeList=main.Cluster.getIps(),
                                            onosUser=main.ONOScell.karafUser )
utilities.assert_equals( expect=main.TRUE,
                         onpass="Successfully started basic ONOS cluster ",
                         onfail="Failed to start basic ONOS Cluster " )

Log and Report Files

There are two ways to specify the log directory path: