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        This is a list of all components and their handles in the test setup.
        Even with some handles not used in test cases, we want to define
        all onos cells here, for cases to set up onos cluster.
            <host>localhost</host>  # ONOS "bench" machine
            <home></home>   # defines where onos home is on the build machine. Defaults to "~/onos/" if empty.
                <cluster_name></cluster_name>  # Used as a prefix for cluster components. Defaults to 'ONOS'
                <diff_clihost></diff_clihost> # if it has different host other than localhost for CLI. True or empty. OC# will be used if True.
                <home><<onos_home></onos_home>  # defines where onos home is on the target cell machine. Defaults to entry in "home" if empty.
                <nodes> 1 </nodes>  # number of nodes in the cluster