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  1. By being part of A-Team, Jian helped A-Team to draft the governance model of Ambassador program.
  2. As an Ambassador mentor, Jian regularly hold the conference call/meeting with his mentees, guide them to perform a set of activities like holding events and promoting ONOS/CORD project locally.
  3. Jian has organized a set of ONOS/CORD events during 2016 - 20182019. Being a chair of ONOS/CORD Working Group Korea and also an Ambassador, Jian organized 9 15 ONOS/CORD Developer’s Meetups in the past two three years with the help of Korean Ambassadors (Sangho Shin, Daniel Park, DongKyun Kim, and Sangyun Han). Moreover, as a part of A-Team, Jian helped ON.Lab/ ONF to organize ONOS Build 2017. The more detailed information about the events organized by Jian can be found in following link. (Note that the events should be filtered by selecting Korea in Country field)
  4. As an ambassador, Jian also gave several ONOS/CORD related talks in conferences and workshops (e.g., SDNFV conference, ONK, KNOM, APNOMS, Openstack Day Korea, Open Infra Days Korea, SOSCON, ONOS Build, Standardization WG Meetup KSC, KREONET Workshop, etc.).

What are you actively working on in the Ambassador Program?

Jian is currently mentoring 10 14 Ambassadors mostly in Asian region. Moreover, he is actively engaging with local ONOS/CORD community members, organizing ONOS/CORD meetup in Korea.


I think I can be a good A-team candidate, because I do not only have the technical background of ONOS/CORD project which makes me confident to promote and discuss about ONOS/CORD project with community members, but also I am a multilingual speaker (Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese), this mitigates the language barrier with Asian community members, and allows me to discuss in depth on ONOS/CORD project in with local languages.

Are there any changes you would like to bring to the community if elected into this position?

I think our program has a good start and I believe the community will grow even bigger in near future. To be a person from service provider, I think I would promote this program internally, and make this program be more transparent and open to the people from service provider. By far the brigade model and Ambassador program is detached from each other. By working as a brigade lead as well as an Ambassador, I realized there were many chances that we can align the two program and make the two program even better. In my point of view, many Ambassadors have good connections with their local community; however, they do not have tight connection with core/brigade team. This makes Ambassadors feel difficulties to get updated with new features from core/brigade team, and there might be high chance that Ambassadors speak out stale information in their community. At another hand side, brigade lead also feels difficulties on promoting cools features that his/her team has developed and made available through open source. If I was elected as an A-team member, I would like to make contributions to the direction of harmonizing the two programsFor the people who are not familiar with ONOS and CORD, it is difficult to learn those projects from scratch. By aligning with local community, I plan to organize a set of tutorials and hands-on to help people be familiar with ONOS/CORD. I also plan to reach-out to other open source communities like Kubernetes and OpenStack to promote ONOS/CORD project to the larger number of developers and operators.