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(p.s. Blocks and table definition might be changed in the near future)

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Packet IO ingress & egress control block


Based on NextObjective, 3 tables included in the Next control block:

  • VLAN Meta
  • Simple

  • Hashed

  • Multicast (Broadcast)


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VLAN meta table:

  • Modify VLAN ID according to NextID

    • VLAN ID can be found inside metadata from NextObjective

  • Do nothing if table miss

Simple, Hashed, and Multicast table:

Each table matches a unique next id assigned by previous table and execute different kinds of action.※ Only one table hits in this block.

Actions in Next control block

  • output

    • Sets output port, output port can be any valid port for target device.

  • set_vlan_output

    • Sets VLAN ID and do output

  • l3_routing

    • Sets source/destination mac address and do output

  • mpls_routing

    • Push MPLS label and do L3 routing

  • set_mcast_group

    • Sets multicast group id

  • Action profile group id

    • Make the packet processed by specific action profile group

Egress VLAN table:

  • This table exists in egress pipeline

  • Pop VLAN according to VLAN and egress port

Port Counter control block

Port counter control block includes a list of byte+packet counters, counts for different ingress and egress port

Egress Next control block

Checking fabric metadata “pop_vlan_at_egress”, if the metadata is true, pop the VLAN before sending to the egress port.