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Click here to download the ONOS+P4 Developer VM (approx. 12.5 GB) (last updated 2019-05-16)

Alternatively, you can use these instructions to build a VM locally using Vagrant.


The VM is based on Ubuntu 1618.04 (servercloud image) and contains the following software pre-installed:

  • ONOS
  • BMv2 simple_switch_grpc (P4 software switch with P4Runtime support)
  • p4c (P4 compiler)
  • Mininet (network emulator)


Important 2
Without trying to tell you how to live your life, we do recommend for your convenience to set up SSH access to the VM (e.g. copying SSH keys for faster access), as you will need to use multiple terminal shells at the same time. The Ubuntu system in the VM comes already equipped with an SSH server on port 22.

Known issues

  • VirtualBox shared folders are not mounted on startup on Ubuntu 18.04 even if "auto-mount" flag is set. To fix it 

    Code Block
    $ sudo systemctl edit --full vboxadd-service

    and remove systemd-timesync.service from the Conflicts= line, then reboot (source)


This walkthrough demonstrates the necessary steps and commands to run a network of BMv2 devices in Mininet, controlled by ONOS using P4Runtime.