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  • a complete Network Management solution
  • a complete alternative to the ONOS CLI or Rest API
  • used for provisioning intents or similar tasks
    • (except, perhaps, for simple "host-to-host intent" demo)
    • The CLI, Java API and Rest API are better suited for such provisioning tasks
    • Is there going to be a big warning label indicating this? If not, is it appropriate to provide APIs for cases where app developers want to implement such tasks via GUI? I figure a dev can look at the 'host-to-host' demo to see that it's possible to provision resources via the GUI, and might question why there is a 'hidden API'...
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Who might use the GUI?


  • Global
  • Specific context (eg. selected items, groups?)

Search makes intuitive sense for the tabular view - how would other views e.g. topology show search results? Would it stay in the context of that view (highlighting the results or something), or jump to a 'results' view? 

Topology View

The topology view is the main "ONOS out-of-the-box" view, and visualizes the network (and how mastership is divided up by cluster members), but it: