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Comment: Published from Jenkins build:


<img src="", alt="SRBridging", style="width:525px;height:350px;border:0">

commit 9d6fd7516a88f572f8a361e8348ead624aef9636 0ad196273a07d3a9f35a3a193af01dec106a490e (HEAD -] onos-1.15, origin/onos-1.15)
Author: Andrea Campanella [andrea@opennetworking.orgHarshada Chaundkar []
AuthorDate: Thu Tue Jan 17 1615 00:05:03 57 2019 +01000000
Commit: Andrea Campanella Charles Chan []
CommitDate: Fri Tue Jan 22 18 09:3844:26 18 2019 +0100
Enabling REST API and swagger docs for apps with no resources folder0000

PacketProcessorWebResource cannot find PacketService when it become instantiated; changed debug logs to trace in FPMManager
(cherry picked from commit 4005c060d5520182d6849a4b7df61d0561664c5f0d7cf74b85729c4346ae53b441793c24af0a3102)

Case 5: Bridging test between two untagged hosts on vlan-untagged port, with single ToR and 3 ONOS instances - PASS