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Nominee’s bio

I have been a Member of the Technical Staff at ON.Lab at ONF since 2013, where I work primarily as a software developer and project lead, as well as an a platform advocate, mentor, and software designer. Prior to joining ON.Lab, I worked on the consumer and profile team at LinkedIn and on the high speed trading platform team at Chopper Trading. I graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science.


Since 2013, I have been an active contributor to the ONOS community as a developer, reviewer, and mentor. I have been a member of the ONOS TST since its inception in December 2014. I am also a core developer for the Mininet project and have been involved in development using other SDN platforms (including Beacon, Floodlight, and Pox) over the past five yearscurrently lead the Stratum project.

What contributions have you made in the past to the ONOS community?

On the technical front, I’ve contributed to several areas over the past few years. I was the principle developer for the original intent framework, and I have worked on the application, flow, and several southbound subsystems. I am a module owner for all areas of the project, and I review proposals and code from across the project. I’ve worked on both the Maven and Buck build, packaging, and deployment tools. I also maintain Gerrit, our code review system, and wrote the module owner pluginof the project including core systems like intents; southbounds including OpenFlow and P4Runtime; the build system; test frameworks; development and release tools; and project infrastructure. From a community perspective, I’ve given several talks and tutorials on ONOS at conferences and events around the world. I’ve mentored dozens of community members on design and code development.

What are you actively working on in ONOS?

I am currently working with the dynamic configuration, intent enhancement and build tools brigades, device integrations (particularly ones that use P4Runtime and gNMI, e.g. Stratum switches) as well as on improving testing and platform stabilityimproving the notion of data plane programmability in the ONOS core to support flexible pipelines (like those defined in P4).

Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?