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Refresh ButtonRefresh: Tables with this button auto-refresh every two seconds. Click on this button to toggle disable or enable the auto-refresh off and on againfeature.

Table Body

The body of the table is scrollable. Your ; the column headers will remain in place while the table data scrolls underneath.

You may use your browser's Find/Search capabilities can be used to quickly find something in the table; use . (Use Cmd-F (Mac) or for Mac OS,  or Ctrl-F (for Windows).

"Loading..." Animation

If the server takes more than a few hundred milliseconds to respond, a "loading..." animation will appear, indicating that the client is waiting for a response from the server:

Table Columns

The Typically, the data in the a table is sortable; click on a column header to sort rows by ascending values in that column. Click again to reverse the sort.

A small triangle indicating the sort direction will be displayed after the column name:


Each row in the table represents a single item. When an item is added or updated, the row will briefly flash yellow, as shown below:Image Removed

Image Added

Selectable Rows

Tables may implement selectable rows: clicking on a row highlights it and displays a details panel with more information about the selected item. Clicking on a different row selects a new item and updates the details panel appropriately. Clicking on the selected row again (or pressing the Esc key) deselects the item:

Image Added

Empty Tables

If there are no items to display, an "empty" table will be shown: