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The class property is also optional. It defines a "logical" color class to apply to the path. If not supplied, it defaults to "gray1". Its value should be selected from the list:

  • gray1
  • blue1
  • gold1




More logical class IDs may be added in the future...


If If labels is defined, it should be an array of arbitrary text labels to be placed on the view. Each item in the array should take the form:


You can load multiple sprite definition files at the same time. The server keeps the definitions in an in-memory cache, indexed by their defn_name (shown in [ ... ] in the log file). 




Currently, definition files are only uploaded to the specified controller; they are not distributed to other controllers in the cluster. This means that the UI will only be able to install the sprites when it attaches to that specific controller. Note also that the definitions are not persisted; if the controller is restarted, you will have to upload the definitions again.

Installing the Sprites into the Topology View