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Cardinal Release 

Version: 1.2.0

Release Date: 5th June, 2015

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Code Audit Results (Black Duck)

Below are the compatibility reports (pdf) powered by Black Duck Software.


 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-268</a>] - Implement slide-out toolbar (framework)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-269</a>] - Provide tool registration (icon/tooltip/callback)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-270</a>] - Implement tools for topology view</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-271</a>] - Make Links selectable</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-272</a>] - Add requestLinkDetails event</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-486</a>] - Design and implement a framework for measuring SDN-IP performance</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-576</a>] - Assess and publish HA assessment</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-821</a>] - Add a new interfance for FlowRuleService</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-823</a>] - Implement FlowModBuilderTTP</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-824</a>] - Modify the OFSwitchImplOVS10/13</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-894</a>] - Implement OFGroupProvider</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-895</a>] - Implement GroupManager</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-896</a>] - Implement distributed GroupStore</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-928</a>] - Implement distributed GroupStore</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-950</a>] - Support cross partition transactional updates.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-969</a>] - Extend LINC logic to create new optical port</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-970</a>] - Design API for add port in LINC</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-971</a>] - Extend LINC CLI with add optical port</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-972</a>] - Implement add optical port in Mininet</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-973</a>] - Create a UnitTest codes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-977</a>] - Update the actions in TrafficTreatment</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1053</a>] - Fix Intent REST API and Test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1059</a>] - Take a pass on comment/code cleanup</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1061</a>] - Improve unit test coverage</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1062</a>] - Harden/Verify "error" code paths</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1080</a>] - DeviceProvider RPC</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1082</a>] - Connect to ROADM and add device to core</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1083</a>] - Connect to ROADM and add device to core</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1088</a>] - Device vendor annotations &amp; provider selection</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1098</a>] - Mechanism to point to YANG model</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1099</a>] - Write or reuse library to parse YANG models</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1100</a>] - Test YANG parser with ACL model</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1110</a>] - Verify the feasibility with Internet2</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1128</a>] - Pull port stats from ROADM and add to core</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1175</a>] - Downlaod ONOS VM and understand how it works</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1176</a>] - Download Jono script for mininet from SDN-IP repository and understand how it works</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1177</a>] - Create a new VM and integrate dockers according to what has been learnt from the downloaded VM</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1178</a>] - Integrate the Jono script to the newly created VM</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1236</a>] - Server-side handler registration mechanism</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1237</a>] - Client-side handler registration mechanism</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1238</a>] - Implement core handlers for exchange of node information</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1239</a>] - Implement client-side error handler to fail-over to another node</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1240</a>] - Implement topology view server-side handler registration</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1241</a>] - Implement topology view client-side handler registration</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1268</a>] - Expose IPv6 support at the ONOS CLI level</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1269</a>] - Expose IPv6 support at the ONOS REST level</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1303</a>] - Modify existing ONOS code to switch over to the new shared facility as appropriate</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1330</a>] - Modify multi to single point intent driver function to accept multiple ingress devices instead of just two</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1345</a>] - Design a new topology (or SB) event test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1346</a>] - Test for intent re-route latency</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1348</a>] - refactor all perf test scripts to adopt new application activation method</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1349</a>] - refactor switch/link latency test for CI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1350</a>] - refactor flow subsystem TP test for CI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1351</a>] - refactor Intent TP test for CI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1352</a>] - refactor Intent Latency test for CI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1353</a>] - Resolve Perf test result discrepancies</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1361</a>] - document for wiki</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1362</a>] - Support AsyncConsistentMap for async interaction with Consistent data store</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1367</a>] - Extend LeadershipService with Administrative interface</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1368</a>] - Get app status driver function</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1369</a>] - driver function around onos:apps</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1370</a>] - driver function around onos:app</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1371</a>] - driver function to activate an ONOS app</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1372</a>] - driver function to deactivate an ONOS app</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1373</a>] - driver function to uninstall an ONOS app</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1375</a>] - modify create cell driver function to use the new onos app subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1394</a>] - Add number of iterations and last modified to IntentData</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1395</a>] - Recompile/install intents that fail in IntentManager</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1398</a>] - Add CORRUPT state</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1402</a>] - Substitute Docker with LXC</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1405</a>] - Implement persistent store using MapDB</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1406</a>] - Measure performance of persistence vs no persistence</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1417</a>] - Driver function to check unique app ids</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1420</a>] - TestON Drivers: Include support for a list of apps</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1426</a>] - Configuration subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1427</a>] - Application subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1428</a>] - Core distribution mechanisms</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1446</a>] - Site selection</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1448</a>] - ONOS cluster installation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1461</a>] - Create process/object for dealing with CORRUPT </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1462</a>] - recompute intents from the pending map if they are stuck there</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1486</a>] - OpenWRT as a residential gateway</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1487</a>] - ONT + PMC Sierra </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1489</a>] - Order server</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1498</a>] - Implement TestON driver function for adding MPLS intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1512</a>] - Pull port stats from ROADM and add to core</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1532</a>] - Obtain Spirent traffic generators</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1574</a>] - Add status verification to point to point intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1575</a>] - Add status verification to multi-to-single point intent </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1576</a>] - Add status verification to single to multi point intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1578</a>] - Update ProdFunc test to use the new ONOS App subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1579</a>] - Update MultiProd test to use the new ONOS App subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1581</a>] - Add single to multi point intents to Att topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1582</a>] - Add single to multi point intent to Chordal topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1583</a>] - Add single to multi point intent to Spine topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1613</a>] - Investigate how to create vlans with mininet</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1626</a>] - Implement DNS packet in packet library</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1640</a>] - Test Application for Atomic Counters</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1641</a>] - Test Application for Distributed Set</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1651</a>] - reactive routing design and implementation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1652</a>] - Reset the existing OF office access point and install the latest stable OpenWRT fimware (14.07))</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1658</a>] - The HA design and discussion</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1659</a>] - HA implementation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1660</a>] - virtual gateway design and discussion</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1661</a>] - virtual gateway implementation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1670</a>] - write wiki document for virtual gateway</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1675</a>] - Add OMS, OCH and ODUCLT port classes and attributes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1686</a>] - Implement single to multipoint intent test script in Functionality test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1688</a>] - Brainstorm and finalize on new functionality topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1689</a>] - Segregate all test cases/scripts and group them to cover each functionality/feature</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1691</a>] - Add glyph to the device details panel (topo view)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1692</a>] - Add glyph to the device details panel (device table view)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1693</a>] - Create the flow table view on the client-side</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1694</a>] - Generate tabular flow data on the server side</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1702</a>] - Provision 2 new NETGEAR routers as RGs</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1712</a>] - Implement cross-connect operation using FlowRule API</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1713</a>] - Implement cross-connect operation using FlowRule API</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1730</a>] - Create Mininet config file for new topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1737</a>] - Create a new Jenkins Job Specific for Optical Test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1744</a>] - Simplify test results pages on wiki</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1754</a>] - Install Dell R410 servers as compute nodes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1769</a>] - Define a class representing frequency</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1771</a>] - Create HA Test cases for sets and counters</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1823</a>] - Basic Multi-instance validation on Dell switches without triggering any control plane failures</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1825</a>] - Multi-instance test validations on Dell</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1832</a>] - Verify TestON single-instance test2 is passing with ONOS-1786 changes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1833</a>] - Enabling other TestON single-instance tests with different topologies with changes from ONOS-1786 and ONOS-1791</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1838</a>] - State replication of neighbor-set to next objective in SR group handler to handle multi-instance scenarios</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1840</a>] - Reorganize functionality tests into new format</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1869</a>] - Provide CLI support on tunnel subsystem for QA purposes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1870</a>] - Provide CLI support on Label subsystem for QA purposes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1871</a>] - Provide CLI support on flowrule subsystem extension for QA purposes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1873</a>] - Implement Instructions for Packet + Optical</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1875</a>] - Support new Instructions in InstructionCodec</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1876</a>] - Add unit tests for ModL0OchSignal</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1884</a>] - Add REST API</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1886</a>] - Move wpa_supplicant to OVS internal interface</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1942</a>] - HA test on Cardinal RC</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1953</a>] - Cable up switches and servers</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1961</a>] - Application Subsystem documentation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1964</a>] - Incubator region documentation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1971</a>] - Host intents Test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1972</a>] - Point Intent Test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1973</a>] - Single Point to Multi Point intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1974</a>] - Muti Point to Single Point intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1975</a>] - Update wiki on HA Test plan &amp; results</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1984</a>] - Add VLAN host intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1985</a>] - Add VLAN point intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2028</a>] - Component Subsystem REST API documentation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2039</a>] - Add VLAN point to multi point intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2040</a>] - Add VLAN multi point to point intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2072</a>] - Add option in startNet function in mininet driver to start mininet using sudo mn</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-179</a>] - Channel in AbstractOpenFlowSwitch should be private</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-180</a>] - Make sure shutdown behaviour is clean</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-260</a>] - Ping cannot go through when both P2P and H2H intent configured </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-262</a>] - Intent stays in INSTALLING state after it is added back from removed list</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-376</a>] - Can't handle intents causing exception/error properly</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-428</a>] - Implement DistributedLockManager's listener management</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-437</a>] - Host intents have no flows after some ONOS nodes restart</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-458</a>] - Topology View: host link labels still visible when hosts are hidden</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-459</a>] - Topology View: orphaned link labels</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-709</a>] - After killing one of the node of ONOS cluster, the node didn't disappear.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-838</a>] - Foo app's pom.xml specifies old version as parent pom</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-905</a>] - Intent disappears after 3 of 7 ONOS nodes restart</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-960</a>] - Signed/unsigned value mismatch for OpenFlow-related match/action conditions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-991</a>] - Event handling in OpenFlowRuleProvider</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1012</a>] - TCP checksum error when using with IPv6</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1013</a>] - UDP checksum error when using with IPv6</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1142</a>] - LeadershipEvent serialization exception</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1153</a>] - Switch interfaces appearing as hosts when using IPv6</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1160</a>] - Sends group stats not only to OF1.3 switch also to OF1.0 switch</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1167</a>] - NPE in UI Topo view</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1174</a>] - Mininet start/stop LINC switch should also take care of cross-connects</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1182</a>] - In multi-instance scenario, random default flows stuck in PENDING_ADD state even if flows have been installed in the dataplane</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1183</a>] - Same intent can be installed multiple times when installed through single node</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1184</a>] - Pre installed host intent does not work if the host entries were not present in ONOS during install</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1186</a>] - Exception when stoping onos with switches connected</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1190</a>] - DistributedLeadershipManager exceptions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1197</a>] - NPE in EventuallyConsistentMapImpl: Exception thrown handling put</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1205</a>] - Netty exception while shutting down</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1215</a>] - Intents sometimes get stuck in INSTALLING phase when recompiled due to switch disconnect</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1221</a>] - Nodes don't correctly rejoin partitions when restarted</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1254</a>] - push-test-intents results in flows stuck in PENDING_ADD state</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1308</a>] - High topology events latency with multiple ONOS nodes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1316</a>] - Kryo buffer underflow</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1327</a>] - IntentPerfInstaller does not read in numNeighbors from config file</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1339</a>] - IntentPerfInstaller overall rate decreases during 5min TP test, when in cluster mode</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1366</a>] - ConsistentMap: Unable to commit writes in a 2node cluster</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1376</a>] - App command silently handles incorrect commands</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1383</a>] - When using null link provider sometimes all links do not show up </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1384</a>] - FlowRuleIntent class not registered with kryo</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1390</a>] - NettyMessagingService handler exception when running "intent-perf" for about 4~5min</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1403</a>] - Link reroute broken</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1409</a>] - Ping through host intent fails and log show PathNotFoundException</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1414</a>] - Phantom hosts discovered</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1415</a>] - Device event timestamp mismatch between "topology-events" and "topology-events-metrics"</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1418</a>] - App command will sometimes not work</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1429</a>] - metrics app still working after being deactivated</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1434</a>] - balance-masters command not working in latest master branch</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1441</a>] - DistributedFlowRuleStore doesn't remove flows for disconnected devices</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1463</a>] - NPE at Preconditions.checkNotNull &amp; unable to purge intent</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1471</a>] - Speed up Raft leader election when there is a single node.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1480</a>] - Running in to low memory issue on ONOS VMs during CHO test</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1485</a>] - Gossip Store Exceptions when running onos-null with metrics</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1506</a>] - Flows are added and hosts can ping each other even when an intent in WITHDRAWN state</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1520</a>] - Intents View tablebody too short compared to tablehead</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1539</a>] - "remove-intent" then tab, shows application modules instead of remove options</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1594</a>] - add-mpls-intent command line autocomplete third option shows wrong value</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1595</a>] - REST DELETE request to an endpoint that does not support it gives 500 error</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1598</a>] - NPE in FlowObjectiveManager when a device disconnects</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1601</a>] - Exception caught when issue "roles" cli command (which takes long time to return)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1602</a>] - cfg command does not respect the -j option</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1604</a>] - Flows are not added/sync'ed across ONOS nodes after topology bringup</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1609</a>] - IllegalArgumentExceptions at OVSCorsaPipeline and interface</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1610</a>] - Exception in DefaultDrivers activate method when starting ONOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1628</a>] - NPE in HostLocationProvider</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1629</a>] - Seeing poor Cbench results due to some regression issue</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1630</a>] - Candidates list does not sync with two instances</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1631</a>] - Kryo serialization memory leak</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1635</a>] - Apps startup fails with Exceptions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1647</a>] - onos-app-fwd adding flows after ONOS restart even though it is deactivated</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1663</a>] - FlowRule subsystem extension refactor</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1671</a>] - Switch (OVS 2.3) assigned to one instance of ONOS causes 'PORT_STATS_UPDATE' DeviceEvent Every 10 seconds, skewing Performance Results</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1672</a>] - copycat log synchronization issue</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1673</a>] - Fail fast when DatabaseManager does not start up cleanly</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1676</a>] - getCounters returns a set containing the counters from both the partitioned database and the in memory map</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1677</a>] - Restoration of p2p or h2h intents after link failure is not working</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1678</a>] - TopoView - empty detail panel when navigating away and back</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1683</a>] - Remove OpenFlow device drivers</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1715</a>] - NPE in "nodes" command </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1731</a>] - IllegalStateException: No feature matching for openflow &amp; proxyarp during bootup</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1736</a>] - Warnings pop up when uninstalling apps</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1741</a>] - Packet request flows should be handled separately from app flows</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1746</a>] - Packet request flows stuck in PENDING_ADD state</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1751</a>] - Onos karaf clean not compatible with ubuntu onos VM</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1755</a>] - Topology View -- panel not large enough for data</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1768</a>] - Tooltip from previous view appears on new view</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1779</a>] - obs fails sometimes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1782</a>] - Switch links are showing up as hosts sometimes after ONOS retarts</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1784</a>] - onos app cfgs are missing </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1792</a>] - Missing rules for some subnets attached to Dell leaf segment routers</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1797</a>] - Flows are not removed on ONOS and Switches after host-intent removal</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1798</a>] - Can no longer balance masters after the migration to Raft based device mastership</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1799</a>] - Host intent default treatment is set to DROP after install</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1802</a>] - The new asynchronous behavior of MastershipService.requestRoleFor(DeviceId) can cause NPEs</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1874</a>] - mastership "weirdness"</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1883</a>] - Links disappear when devices change master</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1890</a>] - low IntentPerf rate when caught ONOS (log) ERROR</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1893</a>] - Device mastership transfer does not update the switches.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1894</a>] - Ping stops after host-intent transitions to INSTALLED state, some flows are missing</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1895</a>] - Always the first node in 5-node cluster fails to come up after system:shutdown</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1897</a>] - onos-app-samples/calendar</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1905</a>] - No leader elected for a device with all nodes in the standby queue</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1908</a>] - Exception when serializing optical port descriptions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1909</a>] - StorageException when activating FlowRuleManager</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1910</a>] - NPE in DeviceManager when disconnecting from switch</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1913</a>] - Update tests/drivers to match new json output</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1917</a>] - Services (Application,hosts, etc.) not working</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1922</a>] - KryoExceptions at org.onosproject.core.ApplicationRole</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1926</a>] - Unsupported match field is not handled properly</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1928</a>] - Topology View Panel resize on window resize</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1948</a>] - Topology not correctly discovered when restarting ONOS cluster</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1950</a>] - NPE when calling 'onos:intents -p -j'</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1951</a>] - Multi-instance instability</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1958</a>] - fix bug in showing tunnel attributes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1959</a>] - fix bug in query subscription command in Tunnel management</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1965</a>] - Deadlock can occur when a old candidate restarts and does not re-enter ledership race</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1966</a>] - Links are temporarily lost when restarting ONOS nodes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1967</a>] - Missing mastership events on mastership rebalancing</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1981</a>] - Listeners exceeded execution time limit</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1986</a>] - Intents update failed after link up/down (re-route case) in CHO</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2003</a>] - Some intents didn't reroute on link down</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2011</a>] - store the Path of the tunnel in the store</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2014</a>] - Compile and install PMC OLT software</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2015</a>] - Some devices have no ports after ONOS cluster restart</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2016</a>] - remove to check parameters iif they are null in the construtors of DefaultTunnel.e.g</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2018</a>] - Fix the bug that the src/dst end point of Vlan-type tunnel is the instance of OpticalTunnelEndPoint</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2022</a>] - LINC-OE doesn't start up</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2025</a>] - Host Intents are moving to CORRUPT state after adding (CHO Test)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2029</a>] - Optical intents not working ( Optical app issue )</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2030</a>] - PCEP provider is unable to publish the device to ONOS </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2031</a>] - Cbench test return "0" and "Received unknown Barrier Reply" msg</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2032</a>] - Switches disconnected after link up/down in CHO test with handshaker.NiciraSwitchHandshaker broken pipe</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2033</a>] - Groups view - Buckets need to be one on each line</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2037</a>] - flows -j breaks after adding point intents (update REST codec)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2045</a>] - Adding optical intents via CLI does not work for TL1-based providers</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2046</a>] - Port class type is incorrect in certain cases</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2063</a>] - Intent throughput performance drop off</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2070</a>] - Unable to process port stats due to NPE</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2088</a>] - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to allocate ID block</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-643</a>] - We need to complete integration tests for SDN-IP</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-181</a>] - Default FlowRules</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-961</a>] - Supports Group stats in EventHandler of OpenFlowController</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1247</a>] - LinkCollectionIntent instances created without using Intent.constraints()</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1424</a>] - Distributed Default Rule management</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1433</a>] - Distributed Group Store: Avoid two EC maps for the same data with different keys</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1593</a>] - Remove Duplicated Interfaces in org.onlab.packet.TCP</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1650</a>] - Add port names for TL1 providers</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1674</a>] - Allow full long value to be used as port number</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1756</a>] - Improve CLI auto completers</li>
 <h2>New Feature</h2>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2007</a>] - add RemoveTunnelByIdCommand</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2008</a>] - add UpdateTunnelBandWithCommand</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2009</a>] - add QueryAllTunnelsCommand</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2010</a>] - add queryAllTunnels api in TunnelService and TunnelStore</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2017</a>] - add the method of querying in SB</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-79</a>] - Move Distributed Flow Rule Store backups out of Hazelcast</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-86</a>] - Topology View details pane for edges (links)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-100</a>] - Topology View toolbar - add first set of toggle buttons</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-406</a>] - DistributedIdBlockStore durability</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-453</a>] - Topology View: Custom Map</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-454</a>] - Topology View: Subnet Sprites</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-533</a>] - The ON.Lab Copyright year should be updated to include 2015</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-642</a>] - Define a network configuration API for ONOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-646</a>] - Test IPv6 with SDN-IP</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-660</a>] - Design interfaces for multiple table aware FlowRuleService</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-662</a>] - Add a virtual gateway for SDN network</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-679</a>] - Design interfaces for new Group subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-682</a>] - Implement multiple table features in FlowRule subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-684</a>] - Implement new Match and Actions for FlowRule</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-685</a>] - Implement Network Config Manager</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-688</a>] - Porting Tunnel policy</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-701</a>] - MPLS label manager API</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-743</a>] - ONOS CLI JSON generation should use same codecs as REST Apis</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-778</a>] - Define Group Subsystem Northbound Interfaces</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-908</a>] - Add Single to Multi &amp; multi to single point intents test to CHO on all 3 topologies (ATT, Chordal, Spine)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-917</a>] - Implement a new Group subsystem - provider part</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-920</a>] - Test, Profile, Optimization ONOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-929</a>] - Explicitly check "nodes" when an ONOS node restarts</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-958</a>] - Implement a Group action</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1035</a>] - Intent subsystem cleanup</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1060</a>] - Introduce "CORRUPT" intent state to represent certain irrecoverable error states</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1079</a>] - Implement Ciena TL1-based southbound for ROADMs</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1087</a>] - Implement core extensions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1090</a>] - PCE extensions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1108</a>] - Create a demo VM to demonstrate easily the features of SDN-IP and packet-optical</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1109</a>] - Understanding the logistic to connect GEANT network with Internet2 testbed.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1143</a>] - Tooltip Service</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1148</a>] - Improve ONOS application permissions</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1150</a>] - Security-mode ONOS system design</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1211</a>] - Refactor CHO code</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1223</a>] - mpls label new feature</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1232</a>] - Topology View toolbar - add next set of buttons</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1233</a>] - Topology View toolbar - add third set of buttons</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1234</a>] - Topology View toolbar - add layer filter radio button set</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1235</a>] - Common web-socket for all GUI views</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1242</a>] - Add the ability to withdraw an intent using the REST API</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1248</a>] - host inside the SDN network need to be reachable and communicate from/to outside</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1278</a>] - Create Tabular View of Hosts</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1279</a>] - Create Tabular View of Cluster Nodes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1280</a>] - Create Tabular View of Links</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1281</a>] - Tabular view of device flows</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1282</a>] - Create Tabular View of Intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1283</a>] - MPLS Label Manager Framework </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1284</a>] - Tunnel Manager Framework </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1301</a>] - Shared system timer and executor services - base</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1304</a>] - Shared system timer and executor services - configurability</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1312</a>] - Add single-to-multipoint intent driver function in onosclidriver</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1314</a>] - Refactor multi-to-single-point intent TestON driver to accept N number of IngressDevices</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1323</a>] - Upgrade to Apache Karaf 3.0.3</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1329</a>] - Migrate JSON Codecs to a bundle, which could be used by other apps</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1337</a>] - Add durability option to EventuallyConsistentMap</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1341</a>] - TestON driver changes required to support the new ONOS app system</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1347</a>] - Performance Test Refactoring for CI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1354</a>] - Leadership service to support predictable handover of leadership</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1355</a>] - Intent cleanup for flow-rule system failures</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1356</a>] - Host Location Tracking for Intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1357</a>] - Provide a builder pattern for EventuallyConsistentMap</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1358</a>] - Testing Reactive routing in NFV environment </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1360</a>] - Update tutorial VM for 1.1.0</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1380</a>] - Enable a user to create and remove optical-intents from CLI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1385</a>] - Complete Blackbird Performance &amp; Scalability white paper</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1386</a>] - Infrastructure setup spring - Setup the development environment as per ONOS Wiki guidelines.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1399</a>] - Create presentation for International SDN/OF deployments</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1411</a>] - As a user, I would like to have consistency between ports reported in the CLI and in the GUI.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1416</a>] - Mobile GUI support: Topology View pan and zoom via touch</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1423</a>] - Better multi table support - FlowObjectiveService</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1425</a>] - Update Wiki contents for Blackbird functionality</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1440</a>] - Implement port statistics framework in core</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1442</a>] - Sortable Tables - Implement Column Comparators and Formatters</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1443</a>] - Implement group bucket statistics updation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1444</a>] - Group handling logic to create groups on-demand when they are not created by default</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1449</a>] - Rebuild Null Provider for consistent operations</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1466</a>] - Internet as a service task-add vBNG</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1467</a>] - First draft of software architecture and components</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1469</a>] - Device View: include ID of master instances</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1473</a>] - Add a cli command for inspecting different consistent maps in the cluster</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1474</a>] - DeviceView: display device details pane on selection</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1475</a>] - Tabular views adjusted to have no bottom margin</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1476</a>] - Device View: display columns for count of device ports and egress links</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1477</a>] - Navigation Menu: glyphs on menu items</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1478</a>] - Navigation Menu: segmentation into categories</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1491</a>] - Refactoring of flow rule populator using the new objectives(?) subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1492</a>] - Obtain radius configuration from AT&amp;T</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1494</a>] - ONOS interface to XOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1495</a>] - Implement Functionality test to verify VLAN intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1497</a>] - Add required TestON driver functions for component configuration CLI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1505</a>] - Refactoring of default group handler using the new objectives subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1513</a>] - Port TestOn automated tests for Segment Routing</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1515</a>] - Try single instance fabric control on Dell switches</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1516</a>] - Multi-instance fabric control on Dell switches</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1517</a>] - Setup Dell switches in leaf-spine topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1521</a>] - Create new TestON tests for leaf-spine topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1522</a>] - Sticky user preferences</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1526</a>] - Setup VPN connection to Fujitsu lab</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1530</a>] - Port BGP Router app to use new flow Objectives</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1531</a>] - Validate Corsa operation with new flow Objectives on TestOn automated test cases</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1543</a>] - Write wiki page that describes how to install ONOS on CentOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1552</a>] - Create OF-DPA driver for BGP Router flow Objectives</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1553</a>] - Spec out and purchase servers &amp; optics for BGP Router</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1557</a>] - Discuss CoVisor integration into ONOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1559</a>] - Create a Performance short test for regression purpose</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1572</a>] - Test switch with ONOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1573</a>] - Add status verification to CHO test cases</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1577</a>] - Update Functionality Test (Prod/MultiProd) to use the new app sub-system</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1580</a>] - Modify pingall function in Mininet driver ( )</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1590</a>] - Add a config to launch SpringOpenTTP driver for SegmentRoutingApp</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1591</a>] - Display flash messages for actions in the Topology View toolbar</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1597</a>] - All add intent type CLI should allow setting the appId option</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1599</a>] - Implement a LogicalClockService</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1605</a>] - Investigate and build a simple MPLS Functionality test framework on TestON</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1612</a>] - Tab completion for component properties with the cfg cli command</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1615</a>] - Update DB for QA tests on ONOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1616</a>] - Deploy the machine in the server room for CORD</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1619</a>] - NPE in FlowObjectiveManager when processing DEVICE_ADDED event</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1634</a>] - Office network: substitute generic access points with OF (OpenWRT + OVS) access points.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1644</a>] - Deploy ONOS and SDN-IP on FIU and AMLight production networks (first two nodes: FIU + Reclara + 2 ONOS instances + SDN-IP)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1645</a>] - Migrate Dell - Segment Routing switches to rack 4</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1656</a>] - Port LinkResourceStore to use LeadershipService</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1657</a>] - FlowRuleStore using LeadershipService</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1668</a>] - Migrate Quanta/OF-DPA based BGP Router to Rack 4 </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1669</a>] - Write unit tests for TableBuilder Service</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1681</a>] - Modify flowrules to accept table ids</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1685</a>] - Functionality Test Enhancements (new topology)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1690</a>] - Topology View details pane buttons</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1696</a>] - Create XOS UI view for Subscriber</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1698</a>] - Investigate additional GEO maps</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1699</a>] - GUI Wiki documentation</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1700</a>] - Resolve IntentTP drop issue </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1705</a>] - SDN-IP testing code update</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1706</a>] - Replicate tests for multi-instance</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1707</a>] - Automatic reports to IP/optical team of test results</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1708</a>] - Create simple VLAN forwarding app for fabric</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1709</a>] - Create DB tables and views for ONOS functional tests</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1710</a>] - Implement Fujitsu TL1-based southbound for ROADMs</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1711</a>] - Implement Huawei PCEP-based southbound for ROADMs</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1734</a>] - FlowObjectiveManager distributes next id</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1739</a>] - Add host intents in IP/Optical Tests</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1740</a>] - Make ONOS extraneous flow rule deletion configurable</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1747</a>] - Update GUI version before Cardinal release</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1748</a>] - Create workaround to avoid port_stats_updated DeviceEvent timestamps</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1752</a>] - Update container environment for ONOS Cardinal testing</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1766</a>] - Fix the BgpRouter TestON environment according to the change of application packaging </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1783</a>] - Refresh button on all GUI tabular views</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1786</a>] - Supports link failure and recovery using objective subsystem</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1791</a>] - Push MPLS rules at edge segment routers</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1794</a>] - Make gossip store aware of port types</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1796</a>] - Feature Test Improvements using New Topology (Story for Sprint-5)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1803</a>] - LINC port descriptions do not carry optical information</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1810</a>] - Introduce Tunnels &amp; Tunnel-Flow Policy handling</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1817</a>] - Flow Statistics (Packets and Bytes) to be displayed in Flow table</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1819</a>] - Display per device Group information (both group description and group statistics)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1820</a>] - Display per device port statistics</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1822</a>] - Display traffic flow visualization using port statistics</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1831</a>] - TestON: Segment Routing single-instance testcase fixing and validation </li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1834</a>] - Verify Data plane recovery feature on Dell switches with ONOS-1786 changes</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1839</a>] - SR group handler should avoid creating all default groups again during port down and link up event</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1842</a>] - Refactor Tabular View to have better table resizing behavior</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1843</a>] - Clean up HA Tests</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1847</a>] - Refactor device details panel to be a custom directive</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1852</a>] - Documentation for writing a new driver</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1853</a>] - Performing system tests in Deployment VM</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1861</a>] - enable vBNG to deal with the silent hosts</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1863</a>] - enable startMonitorHost with configuration file</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1867</a>] - Implement TrafficTreatments for Packet + Optical</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1868</a>] - Implement TrafficSelectors for Packet + Optical</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1877</a>] - Remove user input when starting multi-layer topology</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1878</a>] - Setup VPN connection to Huawei lab</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1889</a>] - Driver Inheritance mechanism</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1892</a>] - wiki of vBNG</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1915</a>] - Modify point intents in old functionality tests</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1927</a>] - Run Cbench on a Single node in multi Instance Bare Metal ONOS cluster</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1929</a>] - Merge all messaging substrates.</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1933</a>] - CORD Subscriber Login View</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1934</a>] - CORD Subscriber Dashboard View</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1936</a>] - CORD Subscriber Edit Bundles - URL filtering</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1937</a>] - CORD Subscriber Users View</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1938</a>] - CORD Subscriber Edit User Profile</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1939</a>] - CORD Subscriber - Proxy to XOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1947</a>] - Tunnel management improvements</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1949</a>] - Integrate vBNG and test it in demo environment</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1956</a>] - Ensure incubating features are in onos-incubator</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1960</a>] - Wiki update for Cardinal</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1970</a>] - Intent Functionality Test suite</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1979</a>] - Modify arping in mininet and remote minient drier to add another option for VLAN "-I &lt;node-interface&gt;"</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1980</a>] - Translation of Lambdas for Linc-OE</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1990</a>] - Add delete vBNG feature</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1992</a>] - Make intent clean-up configurable</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2042</a>] - Adding new function in onosclidriver for summary command</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2048</a>] - Release resources when removing intents</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2049</a>] - Allow creation of optical circuit intents via CLI</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2050</a>] - Merge loxigen patchset by Calient</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2065</a>] - Intents in FAILED state (Optical Test)</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2066</a>] - add command line for vBNG</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-2083</a>] - add REST API to vBNG to get the map</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1164</a>] - Review available NETCONF client libraries and find out the one that is most suitable</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1445</a>] - Add new app sub system to CHO</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1460</a>] - Debug BGP router jenkins job failure</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1596</a>] - Add driver function in onosclidriver to check intents state</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1618</a>] - Install OpenStack and XOS</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1643</a>] - Add driver function in onosclidriver to check flows state</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1719</a>] - Update runOpticalMnScript function in remote mininet driver</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1789</a>] - Define Lambda type</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1790</a>] - Define OchSignal class</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1844</a>] - Define a Criterion for OchSignal</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1845</a>] - Define a Criterion for IndexedLambda</li>
 <li>[<a href="">ONOS-1846</a>] - Define a Criterion for OchSignalType</li>