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ONOS packages are meant to be the official source for any production deployment. If you need to deploy ONOS in production, please download the tar.gz package using the links below or pull the docker image for the desired ONOS release.

For development activities, you can pull the ONOS source code by cloning the ONOS repository.

Long Term Supported (LTS) Releases

The following links allow you to download the official ONOS releases.

NameVersionJAVA APIDateFile typesNotesAbout the Bird

X-Wing (LTS)

2.7.0API-2.7.0Jul 16, 2021tar.gz

Velociraptor (LTS)

2.5.0API-2.5.0Dec 4,2020tar.gz
About the bird
2.5.1API-2.5.1Jan 27, 2021tar.gz

Previous Releases

The following links allow you to download the artifacts for ONOS releases that are no longer supported.

NameVersionDateFile typesNotesAbout the Bird


2.6.0Jul 16, 2021tar.gz
About the bird


2.4.0Jun 5,2020tar.gz
About the bird


2.3.0Jan 27,2020tar.gzRelease NotesAbout the bird


2.2.0Aug 30,2019tar.gzRelease NotesAbout the bird
2.2.1Feb 20, 2020tar.gz
2.2.2Mar 25, 2020tar.gz
2.2.3Jul 3, 2020tar.gz


2.1.0Apr 30, 2019tar.gzRelease NotesAbout the bird


2.0.0Jan 18, 2019tar.gzRelease NotesAbout the bird

Peacock (LTS)

1.15.0Nov 29, 2018tar.gz

Release Notes

LTS support expired

About the bird


1.14.0Sep 4, 2018tar.gz
About the bird


1.13.10Feb 20, 2020zip, tar.gz
About the bird
1.13.3Sep 5, 2018zip, tar.gz
1.13.2July 11, 2018zip, tar.gz
1.13.1May 2, 2018zip, tar.gz


1.12.0Dec 11, 2017zip, tar.gz

Release Notes

LTS support expired

About the bird


1.11.2March 28, 2018zip, tar.gz
About the bird
1.11.1Sep 15, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.11.0Sep 8, 2017zip, tar.gzRelease Notes


1.10.4Aug 25, 2017zip, tar.gz
About the bird
1.10.3Aug 2, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.10.2Jun 22, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.10.0Jun 5, 2017zip, tar.gzRelease Notes
1.9.2Jun 22, 2017zip, tar.gz
About the bird
1.9.0Feb 28, 2017zip, tar.gzRelease Notes
1.8.9Jun 22, 2017zip, tar.gz
About the bird
1.8.7May 15, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.8.6May 9, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.8.5May 8, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.8.4Mar. 9, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.8.3Mar. 8, 2017zip, tar.gz
1.8.2Jan 12, 2017zip, tar.gz


Dec. 9, 2016zip, tar.gzRelease Notes
1.7.1Oct. 25, 2016zip, tar.gzRelease Notes for 1.7.1 About the bird
1.7.0Sept. 23, 2016zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.7.0


1.6.0Jun. 24, 2016zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.6.0


 About the bird
1.5.1Apr. 20, 2016zip, tar.gzRelease Notes for 1.5.1 About the bird
1.5.0Mar. 10, 2016zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.5.0

Documentation for 1.5.x


1.4.0Dec. 16, 2015zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.4.0

Documentation for 1.4.x


 About the bird
1.3.0Sept. 18, 2015zip, tar.gz, deb, rpm

Release Notes for 1.3.0

Documentation for 1.3.x


 About the bird
1.2.2Sept. 1, 2015zip, tar.gzRelease Notes for 1.2.2 

About the bird

(Stanford "Cardinal" refers to the color, NOT the bird)

1.2.1June 25, 2015zip, tar.gzRelease Notes for 1.2.1
1.2.0June 5, 2015zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.2.0

Documentation for 1.2.x

1.1.0Mar. 17, 2015zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.1.0

Documentation for 1.1.x


About the bird

The legendary Blackbird Jet

In honor of Beatles


Jan. 22, 2015zip, tar.gzRelease Notes for 1.0.1 About the bird
1.0.0Dec. 5, 2014zip, tar.gz

Release Notes for 1.0.0

Documentation for 1.0.x

Docker Images

Docker images for ONOS are available from the onosproject/onos page on Dockerhub. Docker images for released versions of ONOS and the latest master are available.

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  1. Hi, I am researching and working on improving reliability and fault tolerance in distributed SDN controllers I think ONOS has a very good scalability and performance and thought it would be great to have some cooperation with each other to improve the reliability too, I have registered and my user name is Shadi, haven't recieved any approvement for the registration, thanks, Shadi, a PhD student and developer