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Hummingbird Release 

Version: 1.7.1

Release Date: October 25, 2016

Download here

Release Content

  • Improvements to DPI Statistics Manager & DPI's CLI
  • IETF TE Topology Provider
  • TE Topology NBI
  • Implement RESTCONF client and server
  • Several bug fixes


  • [ONOS-5306] - NPE in Flows Instructions Decoder
  • [ONOS-5323] - Issue with POST /intents - Causing NPE with null/ wrong(not existence) appId
  • [ONOS-5396] - Issue with Applications REST API- GET /applications/{name}- Causing NPE with wrong/non-existent App Id
  • [ONOS-5496] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] Restconf issue, post with empty list
  • [ONOS-5497] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] String Pattern issue
  • [ONOS-5498] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] For grouping and uses inter file, namespace for leaf is incorrect
  • [ONOS-5519] - Compilation error for pattern with single quotes
  • [ONOS-5536] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] Get for leaf with decimal64 type is throwing error.
  • [ONOS-5537] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] Get for leaf with enum is throwing error.
  • [ONOS-5540] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] Get for leaf which is not posted is throwing error.
  • [ONOS-5543] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] Get for leaf-list with type binary is not showing any value.


  • [ONOS-3646] - Move SNMP to release artifacts
  • [ONOS-4458] - Yang buckification
  • [ONOS-4841] - [YANG] YMSU:JSON builder and walker
  • [ONOS-5011] - [RESTCONF] create RESTCONF Protocol Proxy (RPP) module
  • [ONOS-5315] - Redundant DeviceId on JSON for POST - REST API (Flowobjectives and Meters)
  • [ONOS-5538] - [ONOS-YMS-TEST] Simple data type (union of integer and string type)
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