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AVOCET 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.1

Release Date: 22nd Jan, 2015

Download here

About Avocet 1.0.1

The 1.0.1 release is a bug fix update for Avocet release.

Resolved Security Issues

Handle packets that can't be deserialized properly.

Bugs fixed

  • ONOS-787
    Fixed bug where ONOS sends actions in DELETE flow mods in OF1.0.

  • ONOS-779
    Protect against null pointers during deserializing

  • ONOS-776
    Updated SDN-IP config to support 64-bit port numbers.

  • ONOS-540
    Add explicit flow rules to receive control packets: ARP, LLDP, BDDP

  • ONOS-537 
    Provided maxLen setting to make sure packet data is sent with packet-in message. (OF1.3)

  • ONOS-721, ONOS-447
     Add org.osgi.core dependency to pom.xml. Fixes eclipse build issue

  • ONOS-535 
    capture and display ip address and port of switches

  • ONOS-539 
    Capture port names so CLI can display them

  • Related to ONOS-481
    DistributedFlowRuleStore: always add FlowEntry on batchStore

  • ONOS-478
    DistributedFlowRuleStore: getFlowEntries should never return null

  • ONOS-473
    LinkStores: Concurrent readable {src, dst}Links

  • ONOS-393
     NPE when one of the devices can no longer be found

  • ONOS-607 

  • ONOS-505
    controller port visualized incorrectly into ONOS CLI

  • ONOS-537 
    Provided maxLen setting to make sure packet data is sent with packet-in message

  • ONOS-504
    FlowRuleEvent.Type not registered in Kryo

  • ONOS-440
    OpticalPathProvisioner Null pointer exception



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