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High level summary:

  • Fabric Enhancements

    • IPv6 segment routing

    • Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS)

  • Dataplane Enhancements

    • New TL1 southbound for Lumentum WaveReady

  • vRouter

    • IPv6 support

  • Framework

    • HA enhancements

      • Kafka now uses HA primitives

    • Virtualization support (to virtualize ONOS instances??)

  • Northbound Intent Interface Enhancements

    • Optional Guaranteed Bandwidth Allocation

    • Protection Specification

    • Shared resource modeling

    • Hashing support for ECMP traffic distribution

  • UI

    • Scalability improvements

    • Regionalization support

  • Dynamic Configuration

    • YANG Models.

    • Enhance YANG Compiler for auto-generation of JAVA as per YANG.

    • YANG Runtime for automation of CODEC.

    • XML/JSON Serialializers to adapt Models.


  • Jordan Halterman

    • Improvements to Atomix for log compaction efficiency/correctness - improving HA characteristics of ONOS

    • Implement Atomix AsyncAtomicCounterMap, AtomicCounterMap and state machine.

    • Update to Atomix version 1.0.3


  • Shravan Ambati

    • Kafka Application - Updated the Application to a Distributed Application


  • Claudine Chiu

    • Introduced VIRTUAL_PORT_* events for virtual network to virtual port mapping changes.

  • Varun Sharma

    • Investigating and identifying several HA issues related node restarts.

  • Jon Hall

    • STC Distributed Primitives test now checks all nodes for results

    • Functionality test for VPLS application

    • Investigated several HA bugs

    • Bump karaf from 3.0.5 to 3.0.8

  • Kavitha Alagesan

    • Implemented FUNCgroup tests


  • Michele Santuari

    • Enable REST to manage devices under a proxy

Criterion Networks

  • Vinayak Tejankar

    • Start IPv6 support for vRouter


  • Sangsik Yoon

    • new Upgraded AFM and FlowStatisticService


  • Andreas Papazois

    • Intent installer for Protection


  • Cheng Fan

    • Implement Partitions View.

  • Jin Gan

    • RESTCONF App: App Skeleton creation

  • Aihua Guo

    • Utility support for TE attributes defined in the TE topology YANG model:

    • Node connectivity matrix - Local Link Connectivities (LLCL) - Supporting TTP - Path element - Underlay path

  • Sithara Punnassery

    • DynamicConfig store and service implementation(create and read supported)

    • Dynamic Config APIs with RPC and Notification support

  • Hesam Rahimi

    • Introducing the new YANG model for ietf-te-topology and modifying the converter utility for TE-NBI app to match the latest YANG model.

    • Improving the converter utility for YANG to TE Subsystem and vice versa.

  • Yuren You

    • Support TE-link-remove and TE-node-remove event notification

  • Henry Yu

    • RESTFul Protocol changes for support YMS and Dynamic configuraiton

    • RESTfule App

    • jSON Serializer/DeSerializer for Dynamic Configuration

  • Gaurav Agrawal

    • Handle YANG compiler adaption to YANG architecture with Dynamic Config Store.

        • Enable YANG compiler to be independent of build environment and deployable in a standalone JVM/OSGi environment.

      • Design YANG tools generated code to adapt with newer architecture.

    • Handle YANG base Models

      • Define YANG models.

      • Define model converter for conversion between schema aware and schema agnostic forms.

      • Define schema context and schema context provider.-

    • Handle YANG Runtime

      • Define and implement YANG runtime services.

      • Define YANG serializer and YANG model.

      • Define and implement serializer registry.-

    • Handle ONOS YANG App

      • Define and implement YANG runtime manager.

  • Bharat Saraswal

    • Handle data tree builder implementation

      • Provides data node, leaf node and inner node implementation.

      • Provides create , delete and update data tree functionality.

    • Model converter implementation for converting model object data to resource data.

    • Implementation of private-package instruction requirement in onos-buck plugin.

    • Handle implementation of yang compiler manager to provide standalone jvm/osgi env

    • Implement Yang model and provide model registry implementation.

  • Vidyashree Rama

    • Handle YANG tools generated code to extend Model Object for module, sub-module, container, list and augment.

    • Handle YANG tools generated classes for augmentable node to adopt to augmentation defined in Model Object.

    • Handle YANG tools modification to stop generation of process subtree, select leaf etc.

    • Builder pattern to replace with setters for generated code to provide mutability to the generated code.

    • YANG tools to generate service interface only for RPC and notification.

    • Auto generation of RPC handler, RPC commands and Register RPC class to ease application usage.

    • Implementation of XML serializer to carry out XML to data node/ resource id CODEC

    • Model converter implementation for converting resource data to model object data

    • Implementation of Model Object Id to support schema unaware application to create resource identifier.

  • Sonu Gupta

    • Implemented YANG schema provider context.

    • Defined and implemented  YANG serializer helper.

    • Defined YANG data node listener's based walker mechanism.

    • Support for NETCONF active/passive component utility.


    • Himanshu Ranjan
      •  Add ability to connect NETCONF devices through ssh


  • Chanhee Lee

    • Implementing unit test on Security-Mode ONOS


  • Sangyun-Han

    • Implement json cli in PacketProcessors and PacketRequests

    • (SBI) Define VirtualDeviceProvider - add interface virtual port description - add interface virtual device Provider/ProviderService


  • Yuta Higuchi

    • CLI action to pretty print JSON

    • Intent improvements to support protection behaviour

      • Ensure all Intents reaches installable state.

      • Use marker in ProtectedTransportIntentCompiler

      • marker resource for annotating installable intent

      • Allow LinkCollectionIntent to accept other types of resources.

      • ProtectedTransportIntent, compiler, CLI

      • intent-details command

    • Add support for disjoint Paths to paths CLI

    • Sort alarm count by severity

    • Handle Copycat queries in high priority


  • Andrea Campanella

    • Faultmanagment app enhancements in backend, CLI and UI

    • UI to show Protected Intents

    • Introduction of default driver to onboard behaviours otherwise not accessible due to differen package

    • CLI to show hierarchy of drivers and behaviours with their parents

  • Charles Chan

    • Segment Routing enhancement

      • VLAN support

      • Introduce generic routing service in Segment Routing

    • OFDPA driver enhancement

      • OFDPA pipeline for OpenvSwitch

      • Change default OFDPA driver to ofdpa3

    • Implement vlan-untagged, vlan-tagged, vlan-native in interface config

    • Implement distributed route store

    • Allow pre-setting component config via REST API

  • Jonathan Hart

    • Config support for multiple routers

    • Add ability to remove patches

    • Added completer for interface names

  • Luca Prete

    • Add resource groups to allow sharing of resources between intents

    • New bandwidth allocation and release functionalities for all intent types (also available from command line)

    • Partial failure support for SP2MP intents

    • Enable encapsulation in SDN-IP

    • New SDN-IP STC scenario

    • Implementing new VPLS CLI

    • New ONOS administrative guide documentation

  • Marc De Leenheer

    • TL1 device provider with driver for Lumentum WaveReady

  • Pier Luigi Ventre

    • Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS) support in Segment Routing App and OFDPA pipelines

    • Greedy learning of IPv6 hosts

    • IPv6 support for Fabric

    • IPv6 support for vRouter

  • Ray Milkey

    • build improvements

  • Simon Hunt

    • UI sprite support

    • augmented implementation of "showIntent" overlay support allow overlays to declare which intent types they can display.

    • Skeleton implementation of TableDetailService, to house common code for creating detail panels for table item selection.

    • UI core support for visualizing “Protected Intents” on the Topology view

  • Thomas Vachuska

    • Added simulation of GEANT topology using null providers.

    • Added REST API to administratively remove hosts.

  • Yi Tseng

    • Multi-buckets add and remove support in the same group for OFDPA pipeline

    • Fix cells command

  • You Wang

    • Integrated Security (DELTA) tests into OnosSystemTest

    • ONOS bug fix: Topology updation on sequence of events

    • OnosSystemTest bug fix: Race condition when scaling ONOS cluster size during performance tests

  • Pratik Parab

    • Enhancements to BGPLS Tests

    • Run Sanity tests on all Docker images

  • Shreya Chowdhary

    • Improve reliability of Intent functionality tests


  • Mao Lu

    • Add Oplink protection optical switch handshake driver.

  • Jimmy Yan

    • Add ROADM application


  • Yoonseon Han

    • Virtualization

      • Implement packet and flowrule services for virtual networks including managers and stores

      • Define provider interfaces with skeleton codes for packet, flow, group, and meter providers for virtual networks

      • Add command for flow lists for virtual networks

  • Hwanwook Lee

    • Null-Providers: Implements the mesh topology

  • Jian Li

    • Supported various LCAF address types and DDT message types

      • LCAF address support: AS, Geo-Coordinate, multicast and nonce

      • DDT message type support : LispMapReferral

    • Added skeleton code for mapping mgmt. app, LISP driver & message provider

    • Enhanced MapServer and MapResolver to support router registration and negative forwarding

    • Implemented initial version of LISP device and mapping providers

    • Supported MappingDatabase along with mapping aging mechanism

    • Bumped up various dependencies related to REST API

      • Bump up swagger UI from 2.2.5 to 2.2.10

      • Bump up jersey from 2.22.2 to 2.25

      • Bump up jackson from 2.7.3 to 2.8.6


  • Amit Ghosh

    • Added changes to OltPipeline to create filtering flows for DHCP packets


  • Jaegon Kim

    • Add hashing support so intent traffic path load is distributed.

SK Telecom

  • Hyunsun Moon

    • Implemented skeleton of OFAgent application

Universidad de Murcia

  • Jordi Ortiz

    • Meter support enhancements

    • New meter-remove CLI command

    • Added meter-add command options

Villa-Tech, inc 

  • Steven Burrows

    • Migrating “classic” topology functionality to the new (“region aware”) topology view

    • Augmented topology layouts to render sprite layers, and handle “logical” grid mapping

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