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onos-install [-f] [-n] [<node-ip>] 

Installs ONOS bits on the designated cell machine.


    • -h--help : print usage
    • <node-ip> : the hostname or IP address of the target machine. Incompatible with --cell
    • --cell : execute on all machines in the current cell


onos-group [help | <command>]

Sends a command to all ONOS instances in the current cell. Currently supported commands are:

install [-f|-n], kill, patch-vm, push-keys, uninstall

These commands invoke the utility whose name is the command name prefixed with onos-, e.g. onos-install for install.


    • <command>  : A command to send to the instances.
    • help : Displays this message and exits.


    • Hitting <TAB> will display the options for onos-group.
    • This is currently an initial cut, so commands that take inputs (e.g. push-keys) may not look streamlined.

Shell Aliases

The following are the aliases exported by the ONOS development environment bash_profile.