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The following is a comprehensive list of the ONOS test/development scripts, located in $ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/bin. The conventions followed here are:

  • 'option' implies that the parameters are optional, unless specified otherwise
  • <node-ip> is an IP address or hostname of a cell machine. This parameter is usually optional, unless specified. When omitted, the default is the value set in $OCI.
  • 'notes' denotes remarks regarding the command, including bugs.

Please refer to Development Environment Setup and Cells and ONOS test scripts for information about cells, OC variables, and other conventions used here.



onos-install [-f] [-n] [<node-ip>] 

Installs ONOS bits on the designated cell machine.


    • -f  : forces an uninstall. Presently, install also includes onos-push-bits and onos-config within. 
    • -n : installation of onos.conf upstart configuration file will be suppressed and ONOS will not be started. Otherwise, if the option is not specified, ONOS will be ignited as a Linux daemon as the last step of the installation process.

onos-package -[TDR] | --[tar|deb|rpm]

Packages ONOS into different formats. Running the command without parameters has the same effect of running it with the --tar parameter.


    • -D, --deb  : Creates a .deb ONOS package in /tmp
    • -T, --tar : Creates a .tar.gz ONOS package in /tmp 
    • -R, --rpmCreates a .rpm file in /tmp (this works just on centos/fedora/redhat like machines)


    • --deb only works on Debian/Ubuntu.
    • --rpm only works on on CentOS/Fedora/Redhat.

onos-uninstall [<node-ip>]

Uninstall ONOS from the designated cell machine, stopping it if needed.

onos-push-bits [<node-ip>]

Pushes bits produced by onos-package to the designated cell machine.


    • This is not yet available as a separate command.

onos-config [<node-ip>]

Configures the specified ONOS instance according to the cell definition.


    • This command is part of onos-install, but is provided separately should reconfiguration be needed.

Remote CLI Monitoring

onos [-w] [<node-ip> [<onos-cli-command>]]

Attaches to the Command-line client to ONOS from a shell on the development machine.


    • -w : Executes onos-wait-for-start. This option is only relevant to Linux cell machines. 


    • Presently, this requires Apache Karaf to be installated the development machine; this requirement should go away eventually.

onos-watch [<node-ip> [<onos-cli-command>,<onos-cli-command>,...]]

Continuously executes the specified ONOS CLI commands using the system watch command. Default commands are summary,intents,flows,hosts.

onos-batch [<node-ip> [<onos-cli-command>,<onos-cli-command>,...]]

Executes the specified ONOS CLI commands using the Karaf console batch mode. Default commands are summary,intents,flows,hosts.

Process Management

onos-service [<node-ip | --cell> [stop|start|restart|status]]

Allows remote management of the ONOS upstart daemon on the designated cell machine at <node-ip> or all cell machines.


    • -h, --help : print usage
    • <node-ip> : the hostname or IP address of the target machine. Incompatible with --cell.
    • --cell : execute on all machines in the current cell  


Stops ONOS on all cell machines and wipes the durable states stored in each machine's Raft log

onos-wait-for-start [<node-ip>] 

Waits for ONOS instance to reach run-level 100, i.e. to be fully started.

onos-kill [<node-ip>]

Remotely, and unceremoniously, kills the ONOS instance running on the specified cell machine.

onos-die [<node-ip>]

Remotely, and unceremoniously, kills the ONOS instance running on the specified cell machine, and stops the upstart job to avoid ONOS from automatically reviving.

onos-log [<node-ip>]

Remotely watches the ONOS log on the specified cell machine. It operates through re-installs where the entire ONOS directory is removed. Also available under short-cut ol.

onos-check-logs [<node-ip>]

Remotely checks the ONOS logs to make sure they contain no ERROR or Exception messages.

onos-push-update-bundle <bundle-name-pattern>

Remotely copies the bundle with matching name to all of the cell’s machines and triggers its dynamic update without restarting Apache Karaf container. Also available under short-cut pub, e.g. pub cli.

Cell Machine Management

onos-push-keys [<node-ip>]

Pushes user’s .ssh/id_rsa.pub key to the remote cell machine and installs it for enabling password-less access.


    • This may require the user to enter the password twice; once to copy and the second time to install the keys. Once installed, passwordless access should be enabled.


Remotely checks that passwordless access via ssh/scp works against all machines within the cell.

onos-patch-vm <node-ip> <hostname>

Patches the hostname and /etc/hosts of the cell machine specified by <node-ip> to be set to <hostname>.


    • <node-ip> : the hostname or IP address of the target machine. Required.
    • <hostname> : the hostname to set for the given <node-ip>. Required.


    • if your machine appears to have a funky hostname, this is due to an old defect in this tool. To fix the hostname, simply repatch the VM using this same tool.

onos-ssh [<node-ip> <command>]]

Logs in via ssh to the remote cell machine using the standard user (sdn).


    • This is intended primarily for troubleshooting and diagnostics. Most of the testing should be done directly from the developer’s machine or test driver machine.




Remotely starts the Solar topology on the cell’s mininet machine against all controllers configured in the cell.

onos-gui  [<node-ip>]

Launches the ONOS gui in the default browser. The current GUI is onos-gui, which listens on http://<node-ip>:8181/onos/ui .


    • Presently, this depends on the use of open command on OS/X, but it can be made to work using gnome-open to work on Ubuntu/Debian as well. 
    • In the future this command will launch the main ONOS GUI.


onos-fetch-logs [<node-ip | --cell>]

Collects ONOS/karaf logs from designated cell machine at <node-ip> or all cell machines, to current directory.


    • -h--help : print usage
    • <node-ip> : the hostname or IP address of the target machine. Incompatible with --cell
    • --cell : execute on all machines in the current cell


onos-group [help | <command>]

Sends a command to all ONOS instances in the current cell. Currently supported commands are:

install [-f|-n], kill, patch-vm, push-keys, uninstall

These commands invoke the utility whose name is the command name prefixed with onos-, e.g. onos-install for install.


    • <command>  : A command to send to the instances.
    • help : Displays this message and exits.


    • Hitting <TAB> will display the options for onos-group.
    • This is currently an initial cut, so commands that take inputs (e.g. push-keys) may not look streamlined.

Shell Aliases

The following are the aliases exported by the ONOS development environment bash_profile.





'mvn clean install'


'mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip -U -T 1C'


'mvn install -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip -U -T 1C'




'onos-build -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true'




















'tl | grep --colour=always -E -e "org.onlab|org.onosproject"'


'less $KARAF_LOG'


'python -m json.tool'


'open $ONOS_ROOT/docs/target/site/apidocs/index.html'






'onos-ssh $OCN'


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