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Work in Progress



Objectives: Test onos on the platform level:

  • Pull latest onos (image, tar ball, etc)
  • Starting up onos 
  • Form a cluster
  • Activate and deactivate applications after startup

Test Suite: PLATdockertest

Test Cases #DescriptionPass/Fail CriteriaImplementation Status
1Set up test parameterspass: if params are setProduction
1000pre-test clean env: delete onos containers if exist; delete images with <none>:<none> tag if exists (seems to be some docker issue labeling image with this tag)pass: if no containers in docker and no images in dockerProduction
5pull "onosproject/onos:latest" image from docker repopass: if image is pullProduction
10start three onos containers as standalone onos and obtain IPs of all nodespass: if onos node IPs are obtainedProduction
110Step1: check standalone apps statuspass: if "drivers" app in ACTIVE state AND all builtin apps in "INSTALLED" stateProduction
 Step 2: form onos cluster with all nodespass: if onos form cluster with correct number of nodesProduction
 Step 3: check cluster startup apps statuspass: f "drivers" app in ACTIVE state AND all builtin apps in "INSTALLED" state Production
 Step 4: activate "proxyarp" and "fwd" apps and check apps statuspass: if newly activated apps in "ACTIVE" stateProduction
 Step 5: deactivate "proxyarp" and "fwd" apps and check app statuspass: if newly deactivated apps in "INSTALLED stateProduction
900check onos log for exceptions after test WIP
1000post-test clean envpass: if no containers and images leftProduction
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