Elections* that will take place in Q1

*Some of these may not require elections, some may simply be reconfirming that the same person will continue in the role.

Election Process

The election process has two main steps for all positions. Nomination, and voting.

When there is only one nomination for a position, there does not need to be a vote.


The following nominations will need to take place

PositionWho may make a nominationCurrent
Technical Steering Team leadONF board of directorsThomas Vachuska
Technical Steering Team membersVoting community.

Nominations can be found here.

Voting Community

The voting community is composed of the following people:

ONOS  Voting Community List

Voting Process

PositionWho votesVoting Process
Technical Steering Team leadONF board of directorsbeyond scope of this document
Technical Steering Team membersVoting communityTwo votes each (in 2020) per member of voting community

Results can be found here.