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FUNCoptical at 22 Aug 2021 13:50:01


commit d95d3524caff5449aded4ff9397c3ed717fc91e6 (HEAD, origin/onos-2.2, onos-2.2)
Author: Jian Li []
AuthorDate: Thu Aug 12 18:03:30 2021 +0900
Commit: Jian Li []
CommitDate: Thu Aug 12 18:58:19 2021 +0900

Add default route option to kubevirt network

Case 1: Pull onos branch and build onos on Teststation. - PASS

For loading from params file, and pull and build the latest ONOS package

  • 1.1 Constructing test variables - PASS (tick)

Case 2: Starting up 1 node(s) ONOS cluster - FAIL

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