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April 12, 2017: Shout out to William Quiviger for moderating the ONOS Mini-Summit at ONS and to all of the speakers who presented there.  Also a meta-shout out to everyone who gave a shout-out to another community member in March – Miguel Villarreal thanked Steven, Chun Chieh Wang thanked Jianhao and Shaoyong Wu thanked Luca.

 March 29, 2017: Shout out to Luca Prete who patiently guides us on Northbound brigade and intent bandwidth mechanism.

  March 29, 2017: Shout out to Jianhao who frequently joins the call at midnight and works hard on M-CORD project.


 March 28, 2017: Shout out to Steven Burrows who is making ONOS do magical things on the UI (GUI brigade) side and building great production ready use cases!!!!!!

March 28, 2017: Shout out to Sithara Punnassery and Gaurav Agrawal and everyone else from Huawei and the Dynamic Configuration brigade for working on the YANG tool chain and dynamic config system.  

 February 22, 2017: Shout out to Abdulhalim DANDOUSH and the other members of the new Teaching Brigade for stepping up and driving the creation of open modular teaching material to help people learn SDN concepts and ONOS fundamentals.  Join their regular calls – next one is tomorrow, Thursday, at 9 PST on Uberconference or join their mailing list or Slack channel.

February 1, 2017: Shout out to Owen Law, Yi Tseng and Chun-Ming Ou for translating recent CORD news into Cantonese and Mandarin.  And thanks to the people who fixed recent bounty bugs – Jordan and Thiago for helping to improve HA in general and for Pier for the intent defects.

  November 30, 2016: Shout out to Sujata Tibrewala, Murat Parlakisik, Sachin Vasudeva, Eva Lu, Charles Hughes and Jin Gan for organizing ONOS' particiapation in the upcoming Intel® Developer Zone NFV/DPDK Devlab - 2016 event that will feature a 2.5 hour long ONOS training session.

  October 12, 2016: Shout out to everyone who took part in the recent very successful Deployments Brigade work week

 August 31, 2016: Shout out to Karan Nayak for building and launching the new Ambassador portal

  August 3, 2016: Shout out to Elena Olkhovskaya and Matteo Scandolo for running the community breakout at the CORD Summit.  Both William and David had conflicts and couldn't make it and they stepped up to make sure we could still run the breakout at the event.

July 20, 2016: Shout out to Andrea and everyone involved in the IETF hackathon.  It was a great success – details in the recap blog post

June 28, 2016: Shout out to Dongkyun Kim and KISTI/KREONET – their work with ONOS is featured in the first post in our new Community Spotlight Series. 

May 17, 2016: Shout out to Itzik Ashkenazi, a professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, who is having his students work on a fault management feature for ONOS and who is looking to deploy ONOS on a research network there.

April 27, 2016: Congratulations to the winners of the recent ONOS Bootcamp and Hackathon in Beijing:

  • 1st prize: 金凌Ling Jin, 张鹏Peng Zhang, 马田丰Tianfeng Ma, 毛健炜Jianwei Mao
  •  2nd prize: 陈研Yan Chen, 王翔Xiang Wang, 顾戎Rong Gu, 曹睿Rui Cao
  • 3rd prize: 穆琙博Yubo Mu, 庞冉Ran Pang, 邓灵莉Lingli Deng, 王泽南Zenan Wang

 April 6, 2016: Shout out to people who found the ONOS Easter Egg: @SebMilardo, @uigurii, @kyrsideris, and @_teone  

 March 23, 2016: Shout out to David Bainbridge, Bryan Sullivan and Mike McBride for acting as session chairs at the ONOS Mini-Summit at ONS.

 February 10, 2016: Shout out to Satish and Kalyan for running a recent meetup in Bangalore where they spent an afternoon helping people set up ONOS dev environment and get started writing ONOS apps

January 20, 2016: Shout out to Elena and Emerson, two new documentation contributors who have started on a draft of an 'Introduction to SDN/ONOS for total newbies' doc for our wiki

  January 13, 2016: Shout out to Jian Li for tenaciously tackling the ONOS Apache Karaf 4.0 upgrade and the various 3rd party dependencies and Maven plugins version bump

 January 6, 2016: Shout out to Luca Prete and Matteo Scandolo for working on a social media plan that will make it easier for people to follow what is happening at ONOS

December 2, 2015: Shout out to Ayaka Koshibe and Bri Prebilic Cole for working to optimize the documentation contribution pathway

   November 4, 2015: Shout out to Andrea Campanella for writing up a post about what he's working on and helping reboot the Developer Spotlight content

   October 14, 2015: Shout out to Eva Lu for organizing the Train the Trainer event.

  December 2014: Shout-out to David Jorm for initiating the ONOS Security Advisory process- thank you David!

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