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Brigade Leads:

  • Abdulhalim DANDOUSH / ESME-Sudria, France <dandoush@esme.fr>

Brigade Members:

  • Andrea Campanella / ONF engineer, USA <andrea@opennetworking.org>

  • Lefteris Manassakis / FORTH-ICS University of Crete, Greece <leftman@ics.forth.gr>

  • Alexis MUNYANDEKWE / Altran, France <ndekwe@gmail.com>

  • Viswanath  KSP / Verizon, India <kspviswa.github@gmail.com>

  • Sachidananda Sahu / Radisys, India <sachi059@gmail.com>

  • David Mahler / Blue Box & IBM Company <David.Mahler@gmail.com>

  • Shakil Muhammad / MnLab, KAIST, Korea <shakilphd@kaist.ac.kr>
  • Elisa Rojas / University of Alcala, Spain <elisa.rojas.sanchez@gmail.com>

  • Alaelddin Fuad Mohammed / Post-Doc at KAIST, Korea <alaelddin@kaist.ac.kr>

  • Amal Kammoun / PhD student at UNIV Paris13, SUPCOM Tunis <amal.kammoun.2@gmail.com>

Brigade goal:

Providing and re-organizing open source modular teaching/training materials in SDN/NFV domains in different levels. In addition to the organization of training events and helping at the long-term for providing certification services.

Contact the brigade: 

First brigade notes: 

The big image document :

1st level Teaching brigade modular index

JIRA Issues/Tickets of the brigade:

ONOS-6567 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Short-term focus in 2017:

    • Describing the whole big image of virtualization/SDN/NFV/ONOS/CORD (→ Done).

    • Designing of three training levels (beginner, Net engineer and user, developer). This should be designed in a modular way such that any student of any IT or CS field can follow appropriate modules  (→ Done).

      • Start by the organization and the creation of the modules of the beginners level in addition to the complementary modules (create contents or find the good references). See the shared document for more details  (→ in progress, most of the materials are created).

  • Long-term focus:

    • Proposed a demo server with test bed and demo accounts, could be a tie in to the teaching/hands on material (see with ONF members).

    • Go in depth for the intermediate and advanced levels (in 2018)

    • The ultimate long-term goal is to help providing certification services mainly for ONOS/CORD. 

Events done by the brigade:

How to get involved:

Are you a professor, an engineer, an instructor or a student ? Have you already prepared tutorials, exercises, exams, MCQ, VMs, or courses about Networking, security, programming skills, DevOps, and SDN/NFV/ONOS solutions? If yes, you are welcome to join us for sharing your experience and integrating your work with our brigade. To get involved is easy, just write us to Abdulhalim Dandoush or David Boswell or simply join the mailing list group and take part of our activities

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