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This wiki documents the current development version of ONOS (master). Refer to the Wiki Archives for documentation for all previous versions of ONOS.

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ONOS GUI - Release Notes

This section provides a reverse-chronological summary of changes to the GUI for each release.

Junco – 1.9.0

  • Region-Aware Topology View:
    • Region transition animation added
    • Sprite layers added
  • Partitions View added
  • Table View Details Panel refactoring
  • Support for Intent Viewing handled by currently active Topology view overlay

Ibis – 1.8.0

  • Region-Aware Topology View:
    • Configurations added for Regions and TopoLayers
  • "Resubmit Intent" action added to Intents View
  • Topology view icons updated
  • Cluster View details panel added
  • Local filtering added to Flow, Port, Group, and Meter views

Hummingbird – 1.7.0

  • Region-Aware Topology View:
    • Server-side modeling done
  • "Brief" mode introduced to Intent, Group, and Flow views
  • Continued work on re-theming UI

Goldeneye – 1.6.0

  • Overhaul of the "Look-n-Feel" (re-skinned).
  • Applications View:
    • Drag-n-drop of .oar files to install and activate, now supported.
    • Auto-prompt user to refresh the UI when components are added/removed
  • Topology View:
    • "Cluster node ready" checkmark indicator added.
    • Geo-map selection dialog ('G' keystroke) added.
    • Support for topology overlays to provide custom link data.
  • Dialog Service
    • Support for chained dialog operations added.
  • Chart Service added.
  • User preferences now persisted server side.
  • Logged-in user name displayed in masthead.

Falcon – 1.5.0

  • Topology View:
    • "Reset Node Locations" command ('X' keystroke) added.
    • Topology Overlay selection with F1, F2, F3... keystrokes added.
  • Applications View
    • Confirmation dialog added for application activate/deactivate/uninstall.
    • Application model enhancements supported:
      • columns added for additional application attributes
      • details panel displayed when application row selected
    • Note: applications can now define custom icon and custom URL (link to documentation).
  • Dialog Service:
    • Enter and Escape keys bound to OK and Cancel buttons.

Emu – 1.4.0

  • Device View:
    • Friendly name can be set on a device from the device detail panel.
  • Intent View:
    • Button added to navigate to Topology View and display the selected intent.
  • Topology View:
    • Traffic Overlay now selected as default.
    • Topology overlays can now highlight devices and hosts with badges (small number/text/glyph).
    • Topology overlays can invoke a dialog box to interact with the user.
  • ONOS-Branded "Loading..." animation.
  • Sample application (org.onosproject.uiref) featuring UI content injection techniques.
  • GUI Archetypes (uiuitabuitopo) facilitating rapid development of applications with custom UI content.

Drake – 1.3.0

  • Authentication Enabled by default (Login screen; logout action)
  • More tabular views added:
    • Settings
    • Tunnels
  • Changes to Topology View:
    • Traffic re-implemented as an "overlay"
    • Overlay mechanism now programmable from ONOS Apps
      • highlighting/labeling topology links
      • full control over summary panel content
      • full control over details panel content

Cardinal – 1.2.0

  • Websocket mechanism promoted to be framework-wide; a shared resource amongst the views.
  • More tabular views added:
    • Links
    • Hosts
    • Intents
    • Applications
    • Cluster Nodes
    • Device Flows (hidden view)
    • Device Ports (hidden view)
    • Device Groups (hidden view)
  • Changes to the Topology View:
    • links are now selectable.
    • toolbar added (note, keystroke commands still available)
      • node layer buttons moved from masthead to toolbar
    • sprite layer added
    • user selection choices persisted across sessions
    • summary and detail panels adjust size to window height
  • Changes to the Device View:
    • slide out details panel appears when a device is clicked on
  • Navigation Menu changes:
    • glyphs next to links for navigation
    • views organized into categories
  • Note that the legacy (Avocet) GUI has been deprecated, and that the (Angular-based) GUI loads by default.

Blackbird – 1.1.0

  • GUI Framework migrated to use AngularJS.
    • View-agnostic features refactored as Angular Services.
  • Topology View refactored to be an Angular module.
    • Topology source code broken out into multiple source files.
    • Port Highlighting on links added.
  • Device View added.
    • Implemented as a simple table for now; one device per row, sortable by column header clicks.
  • Sample View added.
    • Skeletal example code.
  • Light and Dark themes fully implemented.
    • Press the 'T' key to toggle theme.
  • Beginnings of UIExtension mechanism implemented
    • Over future releases, this will facilitate the ability of Apps to inject their own content into the GUI.

  • Note that the new (Angular-based) GUI currently co-exists with the old (Avocet) GUI.

Avocet – 1.0.0

  • GUI implemented using a home-grown framework. 
  • Single view (Topology View) implemented, displaying network topology and providing a certain level of interaction to show traffic & flow information.
  • Although the 'T' key-binding (toggle theme) is present, the "dark" theme has not been implemented.


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