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What is ISSU?

ISSU is an acronym for In-Service Software Upgrades. This means supporting software updates to the ONOS core and its applications without interrupting service. Support for ISSU will include both mechanisms for upgrading core and application state and semantics and rolling back failed upgrades.

Extensive documentation and discussion of the proposed architecture for ISSU in ONOS is available online:

Weekly meeting:

Tuesdays @ 2:00PM PST

Brigade Leads:

Jordan Halterman (ONF)

Active Brigade Members:

Dimitris Mavrommatis (ONF)

Jon Hall (ONF)

Dmitry Kutergin (Harmonic)

Nitin Kumar (Harmonic)

Andrey Ter-Zakhariants (Harmonic)

Inactive Brigade Members:

Shivani Vaidya

Karla Saur (Intel)

Brigade Status:

The initial implementation of the ONOS ISSU protocol is currently being developed. The brigade is not currently recruiting, but will likely recruit members for specific roles in the near future.

Contact the brigade:

To contact the brigade, please join our Google Group to post.


Short term:

    • Support upgrading state (e.g. evolving object schemas)
    • Support modifications to core/application semantics (e.g. primitives, protocols, flows, etc)

Long term:

    • Support rolling back failed upgrades
    • Support independent application upgrades

How to get involved:

To ask how you can get involved, join the Google Group or email Jordan.

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