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The page outlines instructions to achieve INT through ONOS and P4.


For the details of the demonstration, please see followings:

  1. Abstract
  2. Demo slide 
  3. Demo poster
  4. Demo video


  • Ubuntu 18.04 with kernel version >= v4.14
  • Python 2.7, python-pip, mininet, InfluxDB, Grafana

Provision emulator VM

Install p4tools

$ onos-setup-p4-dev 

Install BPFCollector

  • Install pre-built bcc package from
  • Clone BPFCollector repo. (See BPFCollector for details.)

    $ git clone
    $ cd BPFCollector
    $ git checkout -t origin/spec_1.0
  • Enable JIT for eBPF to make BPFCollector run faster

    $ sudo sysctl net/core/bpf_jit_enable=1
  • Install Cython to run the InfluxDB Client with better performance

    $ pip install Cython
  • Add virtual interfaces for collector

    $ sudo ip link add veth_1 type veth peer name veth_2 
    $ sudo ip link set dev veth_1 up 
    $ sudo ip link set dev veth_2 up 

Modify Mininet topology script

  • Modify the file $ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/topos/
    • Look for this line: 

      from import TCLink
    • Change the line as follows:

      from import TCLink, Intf
    • Look for this line:
    • Below this line, add the followings:

      collectorIntf = Intf( 'veth_1', node=net.nameToNode[ "s12" ] )

How to run

  • Run ONOS

    $ ONOS_APPS=drivers.bmv2,proxyarp,lldpprovider,hostprovider,fwd bazel run onos-local -- clean
  • Launch Mininet

    $ sudo -E $ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/topos/ --onos-ip=
  • Launch the collector

    $ sudo systemctl start influxdb
    $ sudo python BPFCollector/ veth_2
  • Activate In-band telemetry control application 

    $ onos-app localhost activate org.onosproject.inbandtelemetry

    You may see the following WARN log right after activating the INT control application.

    2019-02-15T11:23:30,143 | WARN  | onos-shared-scheduled-onos-pool-executor-2 | SimpleIntManager                 | 231 - org.onosproject.onos-apps-inbandtelemetry-impl - 2.1.0.SNAPSHOT | Missing INT config, aborting programming of INT device device:bmv2:s22

    It will be disappeared when you add collector configuration.

    Please note that the INT monitoring works only after the collector configuration is done.

  • Add mirroring configuration on the switch for telemetry report

    $ simple_switch_CLI --thrift-port `cat /tmp/bmv2-s12-thrift-port` 
    RuntimeCmd: mirroring_add 500 5 
    (500: REPORT_MIRROR_SESSION_ID defined in int_definitions.p4) 
    (5: port number to send mirrored packet, in this case veth_1)
  • Add collector configuration
    • Connect to ONOS web interface (http://localhost:8181/onos/ui/)
    • Open "In-band Telemetry Control" in the menu
    • Type to "IPv4 address" field and 54321 to "port" field in "INT Collector Configuration" section
    • Clink "Apply Configuration" button

  • Add IntIntent to specify traffic to monitor
    • Open "In-band Telemetry Control" in the ONOS GUI menu
    • Fill in "Source IP address", "Destination IP address", "Source port", "Destination port" and "Protocol" field
      • Source and Destination IP address fields accepts IP address with mask (e.g.,
      • Source and Destination port number requires exact port number
      • Protocol supports either TCP or UDP
      • Any field remained empty, except Protocol field, means wildcard.
    • Choose metadata to collect
      • Switch Id and Egress timestamp must be chosen so as to make the collector to work properly.
      • "Egress Port Tx Utilization" are not supported in current version of BMv2 software switch yet.
    • Click "Apply Watchlist Rule" button below the metadata to deploy INT Intent.
    • Created INT Intent will be appeared in the table below.
  • Generate some traffic to monitor

    mininet> h11 iperf -c h22 -u -t 10000

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