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 Lion -> L10n -> Localization ( & Internationalization )

Brigade Team:



    • Developers:
      • Arturo F. Velasco / Spain
      • TBD  {To Be Discovered}
    • Translators (Leads first in bold):


Contact the brigade:

Some Terminology:

  • Internationalization (aka I18n)

    • The process of creating a framework in the software project to support the configuration of user visible strings for one or more languages.

  • Localization (aka L10n)

    • The process of adding the “localized” strings in a specific language to the software project.


As SDN starts being a popular concept, ONOS too. However, most of the SDN and ONOS documentation is basically written in English. What about making ONOS a bit more international by bringing more languages into play?

Initial thoughts:

Focus in 2018:

Lion Coverage Sheet:

Long-term focus:

Continuous translation of the ONOS GUI, Wiki, etc.

How to get involved:

The lion brigade is looking for members willing to contribute! Join us on our Slack channel and introduce yourself, or contact Elisa Rojas ( if you are interested.

If you can't wait to contributed code. You can either provide your own language bundle or help with the internationalization of views. Please check any of the quick guides below:

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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